Horoscope July 2012


July continues to be permeated by Uranus-Pluto vibrations, says Sitara.


Cancer and leo

Sun 9° Cancer – 9° Leo
Moon 30° Scorpio – 23° Capricorn
Mercury, retrograde from 15th 5° – 4° Leo
Venus 8° – 24° Gemini
Mars 29° Virgo – 16° Libra
Jupiter 4° – 10° Gemini
Saturn 23°– 24° Libra
Chiron, retrograde 9° Pisces
Uranus, retrograde from 13th 9° – 8° Aries
Neptune, retrograde 3° – 2° Pisces
Pluto, retrograde 8° – 7° Capricorn
North node 3° – 2° Sagittarius
Lilith 22° – 25° Taurus
Full Moon, 3th 18:53h 12° Capricorn
New Moon 19th 4:25h 27° Cancer


Mood of the Moment
July continues to be permeated by Uranus-Pluto vibrations. Emotions may now get turbulent. Particularly in relationships, it is important to be alert and carefully consider the possible odds of different possibilities. Only in the last third of the month, we will have the clarity, inventiveness, far-sightedness, and love needed for action. The vision that should guide us is associated with broadening horizons. If a feeling of constraint prevails when considering possible actions, it is better to postpone the realization of our ideas for now. All in all, change will become easier in the last third of the month because we dare to give more weight to our own concerns rather than take on the responsibilities of others we’re involved with – responsibilities they can very well take on themselves.

After new developments have been sparked off during the course of this and the previous month, from the end of July onwards we will enter a phase characterized by transformations deep within us. In order for these transformations to be complete, we must not only be ready for the new but also be able to cope with what comes up. So the whole process may take some years. The less we see of ourselves mirrored in the circumstances of our life, the more fundamental will be the necessary revolution and the bigger the necessary adjustments. When the inside and outside of our life cohere, we can feel one within ourselves. Otherwise we are split and, therefore, not in peace. Yet finding peace is our ultimate longing; Uranus and Pluto will help us attain this peace.


AriesAries: Now you have good chances to profit from the present high tension to remodel your life. In the second half of July it will be less easy to handle the energy, and its intensity threatens to overwhelm you. But it isn’t that easy to overthrow an Aries! Bet on expansion, but take care that your steps are in keeping with your values. If you make use of your rich imagination, you will find creative solutions that will benefit everyone concerned.


TaurusTaurus: Time is ripe for a change of thinking – meaning on the one hand to think bigger, and, on the other hand, to consider unusual steps. To begin with, both will seem too difficult or too conflict-laden. Talk things over with others and let yourself be inspired. Don’t give up, even if you can’t immediately achieve what you had in mind. Have a second go. Moreover, realize that no solution will be perfect – no more so than the present state of affairs. By the end of the month things will settle.


GeminiGemini: The general mood being positive, you still risk wanting too much of a good thing or dispersing your energies. Implement the ideas you already have before looking out for something new. In the first half of the month let yourself be guided by whatever is supportive, loving and new. In the second half of July you might get yourself entangled in power struggles. Be creative – you will surely think up something that will meet both your need for liveliness and your need for stability.


CancerCancer: In the first two thirds of July Chiron and Saturn prevail; they are helping you to orient you towards that which calms you and gives you structure. Rather than fighting your emotions, allow them to whirl through your system. You then have three options: You can distract yourself with something uplifting. You can express your emotions artistically through dance, music, or painting. Or you can ignore them altogether and let yourself drop into what is left.


LeoLeo: First of all you must go on clarifying your relationships and share. Be aware that this is an ongoing process, so don’t try getting it all done in one go. It’s important to respect your own and everyone else’s limits. In the second half of July you will be extremely conscious of your vulnerability. Allow it, for you can trust both your strength and your clarity. Open yourself, this is a propitious moment for something new, but don’t allow demands to become overwhelming.


VirgoVirgo: Open up to trust and warmth. Let yourself be loved. Own your vulnerability and be open to whatever wants to caress you – a smile, the fragrance of a flower, the sweetness of strawberry ice cream or the cool forest. In the second half of the month you tend to make things difficult for yourself by unrealistic expectations and perfectionist demands. Talking and action are equally inefficacious. Seek out silence – you don’t need distractions now; remind yourself of the eternal that will never pass.


LibraLibra: Potential for conflict is rather high this month. As an expert in conflict prevention, you usually succeed brilliantly in avoiding conflicts – as long as they are provoked by your surroundings. However, you are at a loss if conflicts arise without an external trigger – but solely because within yourself the rebel who wants to stop compromising has woken up. Trust your wish for vastness, for space, for expansion and do not retreat back into your shell if you meet with a lack of understanding at first.


ScorpioScorpio: You need patience. In July there are many opportunities for tense situations and few possibilities to solve them in a satisfying manner. Avoid all-or-nothing attitudes – in all likelihood for you now the result will be nothing. Even if you feel strongly driven to carry out radical incisions immediately – wait. However, do not remain motionless. Even without a clear goal in sight, you can always take the next consistent step. This will facilitate necessary course corrections.


SagittariusSagittarius: The forces of Uranus and Pluto do your groundwork. Do not doubt, follow your energy, trusts your resources. Coming up against limits is due to the fact that the circumstances are completely beyond what you could influence. Remain optimistic but do not fight a hopeless fight against windmills; use their power for yourself. Radiate your zest for life and let others participate in it. Moreover, in discussions allow others to challenge your ideas and concepts.


CapricornCapricorn: This is a hot summer. Don’t shy away from the flames of the imminent transformation, even if – or particularly if – you don’t understand where all this is going to lead. You won’t solve the whole thing mentally; you will actually have to move through it. The key lies in the way you relate: a relationship is no battle arena. Remember what carries you and stop demanding things that everyone would feel overwhelmed by. Accept the love offered to you: it may differ from what you expect, but it is genuine.


AquariusAquarius: Change begins in the mind – at least for you. Adopt a different attitude, particularly to yourself as a leader. Your ideas about fairness have gone too far in the direction of levelling down, or egalitarianism. Grant yourself to be important and worthy of note, and confidently adopt your position. If you shirk from that, you will be exposed to incessant attacks. Don’t sell yourself under value. Commit to your own concerns, fight for your freedom. Freedom from what? From the bondage of past mindsets.


PiscesPisces: The month starts well, but then you will find hurdles. Again and again you hit walls, your own ones or those in your surroundings. You’ll have to cope with hitherto unfamiliar planetary energies manifesting either in yourself or in people around you. All of them have considerably less to do with emotions than you are used to and they seem to come up against you. Now carefully take one step after the other and before the next step, grant yourself and others opportunities to rest and retreat.




Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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