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A compilation of quotes by Osho.

It is a time of crisis, where the rotating wheel is ready to take a one-hundred-eighty-degree turn. All that was up will come down, and all that was down will go up. All the values will be reversed: The spokes of the wheel that were up will go down and the ones that were down will come up. This is the hour of crisis. In it, all the old structures will go topsy-turvy and chaos will intensify. Such a chaos has already appeared. In it, all criteria of morality will crumble, all old concepts will be destroyed. What will happen to all the systems we have established up to now is just as if an earthquake comes and flat land turns into craters, hills turn flat and lakes into hills. In this last phase of the twentieth century, enormous dreadful changes are to take place.

Osho, Nowhere to Go But In, Ch 16, June 9, 1974, Hindi Translation

Osho in Greece

We are on the threshold of something new that is going to happen to humanity. Either humanity will die and disappear, or we will take a jump, a leap, and a new being will be formed. We are exactly at the same point as millions of years ago when monkeys came down from the trees and humanity started and a new being was born. Again the moment is coming very close. It is a very dangerous moment, because there is every possibility. […]

Again the same situation is going to happen. Man has lived a long time the way he has lived. By the end of this century a critical quantum leap is possible. Either man will die in a third world war or man will take the jump and will become a new man.

Osho, The Diamond Sutra, Ch 9, Dec 29, 1977


These ten thousand years, humanity has lived in a kind of nightmare, but now things have come to a climax and something is going to happen, something tremendously important is going to happen. Either man is going to die utterly – if you go on following the past then you are doomed – or – and there is every possibility that humanity will not decide to commit suicide – there is every possibility that now things have come to such an end that humanity will decide to take a new route.

Osho, The Secret, Ch 3, Oct 13, 1978


Either meditation or suicide: these are the only alternatives left for human beings. Within these next twenty-five years, the last part of this century, either man has to become meditative, and out of meditation loving, or man has to commit universal suicide.

Osho, Philosophia Perennis, Vol 2, Ch 8, Jan 7, 1979


A new man is needed on the earth. The old is rotten and finished, it has no future, it can’t survive. It has come to the very end of its tether. It is on its deathbed. Unless a new man is born – East and West meeting, all three dimensions together – humanity is doomed.

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 1, Ch 7, June 27, 1979


Man goes on living like a robot. All his behavior comes out of a dark space within him. Hence the misery of the world. Unless that inner space is lit, becomes full of light, there is no hope for humanity.

In the past we would survive because the weapons to kill man were not yet perfect. Now they are. Now we have perfect atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, laser rays, death rays and what-not. Now we have become so efficient in destroying himanity and the earth that if within this last part of the century we don’t bring light within millions of people’s hearts, humanity is doomed. Then there is no future. We may be living the last years of human existence on the earth.

But this critical state can become also a great blessing in disguise. It may make us more aware, more responsible. It may provoke us to DO something so that humanity takes a surge towards the higher plane of consciousness.

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 9, Ch 5, Feb 15, 1980


When I say the new man, I mean the conscious man. Humanity cannot be saved if the conscious man does not arrive. In the past it was not so necessary, but now it is absolutely necessary, it is a must. If the new man does not arrive on the earth, if more and more people are not going to become conscious, alert, awake, then this earth is doomed. Its fate is in the hand of the stupid politicians, and now they have immense power of destruction, such as they never had before. That is something new.

Just five years ago they had so much power that they could have killed every single human being seven times – although you don’t need to kill any human being seven times, once is enough. And within five years we have really progressed – now it is seven hundred times! We can destroy seven hundred earths like this earth, and we go on piling up … And any moment, any mad politician can trigger the process of self-destruction.

The coming twenty years are going to be the most dangerous in the whole history of humanity; it has never been so dangerous – we are sitting on a volcano. Only more consciousness, more altertness can save it; there is no other way. […]

Politicians are insane people. History is enough proof. And now computers are dominating. You know the saying: To err is human … that is true, but if you really want to create a great mess, human beings are not enough – you need computers. Now machines and mad people are dominating the whole world. We have to change the very foundation. That’s what I mean by a new man.

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 10, Ch 11, March 2, 1980


Existence does not make me sad. My own inner being for three decades has never felt a single moment of sadness for myself. I have completely forgotten the strategy, how to be sad. But what goes on happening around the world just brings tears to my eyes.

This world is not worth saving. Once a while I think it will be better if the third world war happens and destroys this whole stupid humanity. Perhaps there is a time when a thing gets so rotten that it is better to burn it.

Consciousness is eternal. Even if this earth becomes without human beings, I don’t see any problem in it. There are at least fifty thousand planets around the earth where life exists. Your consciousness will move to other planets. Nothing will be destroyed – only this ugly earth, these ugly politicians, priests; they will be finished.

This makes me sad: man on the earth has the highest quality of consciousness, and yet his behavior is barbarous. And everything that you call civilization is just a word. Once a man asked George Bernard Shaw, “What do you think about civilization?” He said, “It is a good thing, but it hasn’t happened yet.”

Osho, From the False to the Truth, Ch 5, July 2, 1985


And that simple thing is: learning to be silent, learning to be meditative, being a watcher, being natural and yet alert and conscious of whatever you are doing, of whatever you are thinking.

Consciousness and nature – and just be easy and relaxed and you can get rid of this whole madness, in which man is rushing so fast that it seems it won’t take much to destroy life on this planet. Perhaps this is the last century. We may not be able to see life after this century. This beautiful earth will become just a dead graveyard.

Osho, The Hidden Splendor, Ch 5, March 14, 1987


And particularly in these moments, during the last part of the twentieth century, it is becoming more and more imminent: either you create the new man and a new humanity or you are going to destroy this beautiful planet. Either a tremendous revolution, that throws away all the past that we are loaded with, or we will be killed with the weight. And not only we will be killed – the trees, the birds, the animals, the flowers, everything will disappear. This cuckoo will not sing. There will not be a silent assembly like this.

Osho, Zen: The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo of the Forest, Ch 15, July 11, 1988


Unless a man knows himself all his knowledge lacks authenticity. In the hands of an ignorant man nothing can be creative, but even ignorance can become a creative tool in the hands of a knowledgeable one. If a man can understand himself, can master himself, only then will his other achievements have real merit. Unless this happens he is simply digging his own grave.

That’s what we are doing. We are digging our own graves. Previous civilizations were destroyed by external attack; ours is threatened by a great internal danger. If the civilization of the twentieth centruy is annihilated, it will be by suicide. This is what we will have to call it, if there is anyone left to call it anything. It is possible this final war may never be written into human history. It will take place outside histroy’s ken, because it will destroy all of humanity. Those before us made history, we are preparing to unmake it.

We are in control of infinite material power, but we know nothing of the depths of the human heart, we know nothing of the poison and the nectar that lies hidden there, side by side. We know the atomic structure of matter but nothing of the atomic structure of the soul. And this is our great misfortune. We have achieved power, but no peace, no enlightenment.

There is great power in the hands of the unenlightened, of the unawakened. But these are the people who should not be allowed to possess power; if it is misused, power can wreak great evil. Our whole search has been for power. And this is man’s mistake. He is in danger from his own achievements, from his own successes. The world’s great thinkers and scientists should be made aware of the pitfalls of this preoccupation with the question of power. It is just this sort of blind, thoughtless investigation that has brought us to the brink of the present crisis. The aim should be peace, not power. And if the aim becomes peace, then the focus will be on the mystery of man himself, not into the secrets of nature.

Osho, The Long, the Short and the All, Ch 2, date unknown


Man is now living in his most critical moment and it is a crisis of immense dimensions. Either he will die or a new man will be reborn. […]

It is going to be a death and resurrection. Unless human consciousness changes totally man cannot survive. As he is right now he is already outdated. […]

During this period there will be every kind of destruction on Earth including natural catastrophes and man manufactured auto-suicidal efforts. In other words there will be floods which have never been known since the time of Noah, along with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and everything else that is possible through nature. The earth cannot tolerate this type of mankind any longer. There will be wars which are bound to end in nuclear explosions, hence no ordinary Noah’s ark is going to save humanity. […]

The Holocaust is not going to be confined to certain places, it is going to be global so no escape will be possible. You can only escape within and that’s what I teach. I do not teach worship of God or any other ritual but only a scientific way of coming to your innermost core.

quoted by Arjuna / John Hogue at: (not an exact quote)


Beginning next year, the world will face 15 years of catastrophic natural and man-made disasters – including nuclear war. Tokyo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Bombay will all be destroyed – but the holocaust to come will not be confined to these major population centers.

And unless human consciousness changes totally, man cannot survive. As he is right now, he is already outdated.

There will be floods which have never been known since the time of Noah, along with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and everything else that is possible through nature. There will be wars which are bound to end in nuclear explosions, hence no ordinary Noah’s Arks are going to save humanity.

(Here) we are creating a Noah’s Ark of consciousness, remaining centered exactly in the middle of the cyclone. I say to you that except this there is no other way.

Osho in a message given by Sheela, Rajneesh Times, Sept 2, 1983


Go in. Sooner or later the outside will be so terrible, you will have to go in.

Quoted by Smita, VC 4/2003


Quotes compiled by Bodhena

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