Prem Anupam


German-born Anupam left her body on 23rd July 2012.

Ma Prem Anupam

Purushottama writes: “Ma Prem Anupam left her body on July 23 in Boulder, Colorado. At the time of her passing Raso and Sanghamitra were by her side singing ‘The Way of the Heart’, ‘Just One Ordinary Man’ and ‘One Breath’.

“My understanding is that Anupam worked as an accountant at Medina for quite some time before coming to the Ranch. When Rajneesh Publications moved from Oregon to Boulder she joined the crew and again crunched numbers. She also ran the Sannyas Home Away From Home webpage for many years. Later on Anupam went back to school at the University of Colorado, Boulder and got a PhD in Psychology. Throughout her time in Boulder she was an avid Morris Group dancer. We love you Anupam.”


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For Anupam

Form emerges
And subsides
Into wholeness
Death of form
No Other
That which is eternal
Can not be


I recognise your beautiful face – was it from Medina, or Germany? I don’t know. A fond feeling and wishing you well on your journey. Love,

I worked with Aunupam in the Medina accounts and remember her as a formidable number cruncher (!) and sweet person. We both worked intensely on the books, trying to straighten them out and fix errors. Here is one anecdote: at the end of Medina we worked together on finalising the books and were stationed together in London above a Hampstead shoe shop. After long hours of number crunching we were relaxing in front of a late night TV and watching ‘Night of the Living Dead’ (!!) when suddenly some drunk guy smashed in the front door to the street – this was quite a shock under the circumstances – but luckily he ran away when we went downstairs, and the door got fixed the next day! I don’t think I saw her since those days. But a priviledge to work in an Osho Commune together. Much love to you, Anupam!

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