I arrived here yesterday

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (31)

Osho Sixties


I arrived here yesterday

and have been thinking of writing ever since

but it didn’t happen until now.

Forgive the delay

though even a single day’s delay is no small delay!


What shall I say about the return journey?

It was very blissful.

I kept sleeping, and you were with me.

It appeared I had left you behind

but actually you were still with me.

This is the being-together that is so real

that it cannot be divided.


Physical nearness is not nearness,

there can be no union on that level,

only an unbridgeable gulf,

but there is another nearness which is not of the body,

and its name is love.

Once gained it is never lost.


Then no separation exists

despite vast distances in the visible world.

If you can arrive at this distancelessness

With even one other

it can be found with everybody.

One is the door, the all, the goal.

The beginning of love is through one, the end is all.

The love that unites you with everything,

With nothing excluded, I call religion,

and the love that stops anywhere I call sin.



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