Voyages — 13 August 2012

Left her body on 12th August 2012.

Aria (aka Prem Gulamo) was a well-known Cranio-Sacral Massage therapist in Marin County, CA.

Avinasho from Viha Connection writes:

Aria was truly one of the pillars of the San Francisco Bay Area sannyas community and will be very much missed.

She took sannyas in Pune in the late 70s, turned her house in San Anselmo into an Osho center, then donated that house to the Ranch and lived at the Ranch for the entire duration of Osho’s time there. I am not sure if she went to visit the ashram during the Pune Two years.

She regularly hosted Osho satsangs in her various houses in Marin County. She was always happy to organize a celebration or party or provide food and drinks. Her energy seemed endless.

Earlier this year she was diagnosed with a particular nasty form of stomach cancer, and she fought this cancer with the same energy that she had always shown. When she had two strokes over the past several months, she did not give up but exercised and exercised until she was out of the wheelchair again and walking.

Her 70th birthday this past July was the party of the decade! She loved Music Group so much that Anuprabha put on another event this past Friday. Aria came and enjoyed the evening, although she was very frail by then. Less than 48 hours later, she left her body.

I think I can speak for all of us here when I say how grateful we all are to Aria for the many ways she found of keeping us together.

“Fly, fly high, let the earth touch the sky…”

Beloved Aria, may you have an easy transition. Love,



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Beloved Aria, Thanks again for the hospitality I found in your home when I lived in Mill Valley. I wish you a wonderful journey on your new adventure.

Dear Prem Gulamo, thank you for being around. When I lived in Mill Valley you were one of those people who were an integral part of the community. Found you grounded and available and ready to join in and celebrate. You were one of those people who I expected would always be around and of whom I could count on seeing when I returned to Mill Valley for a visit. I will miss the possibility of seeing you physically and wish you love on your return journey home.

All blessings to Aria on her way. I was graced to sit by her side last Sunday at Prartho’s afternoon tea party. Aria wrote a lovely poem that day. She was generous of heart and spirit as I have always found her to be. She will be missed, she was most certainly loved. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om,

In a place like Marin, where everyone is struggleing to get by and free gifts are not easily given, Aria was a shining light of generosity and caring. When Jewel, Habib’s and my daugther was born, she just came by and offered a cranio-session to our 5 day old baby… I still remember her gentle ways, the way she held her, and Jewel looking at her quietly with her dark eyes. Last summer, when Jewel and I visited Marin, we ran into her. I still vividly recall the absolute expression of joy and wonder in her face, when she saw Jewel again, now 14 years old, all grown and tall. Her ability to love and let herself be touched was so moving, we were all in tears. Her amazing heart is what I will always remember about Aria. Beautiful Aria, we will meet again!

Beloved Gulamo, seeing your face has brought back the most wonderful memories from that first year at the truck farm on the ranch. How crazy it was and your indomitable sense of humor so much a part of it. Thank you. And fly high,