Voyages — 28 September 2012

Left her body end of September 2012.

We hear from Avinasho and Mega that Kosha died. She was buried in Vyronas (near Athens) on 27th September 2012.

Kosha was originally from Brazil and was a member of Osho’s communes in India and on the Ranch. In Pune 2 she was part of the Mystery School, teaching Aura Soma, kinesiology and colourpuncture. She was also a Reiki Master. In 1992 she then moved to Greece.



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Beautiful Kosha. Kosha was at the Ranch in the very beginning, as I was. There were only around eight women… we shared that special time. I have no stories in particular, just that Kosha was pure heart. She was one of the most loving and delighted people I have come across in my life. Such a pure beauty, with the eyes of a child. Fly high my Kosha, I know you are soaring right now. Loving you,

I didn’t know Kosha very well, a couple of groups 18 years ago and some meetings in Athens. But I had the chance to feel the love she shared with her beloved Buddhadeo, a sannyasin from Greece. I heard her saying that when she had her heart operation (in 1997 I think) she felt, during the anaesthesia, his total devotion and love calling her to stay. He has been with her until her last moment. Deep respect for this unique bonding. Farewell, dear Kosha, have a smooth journey…

Dear Kosha, all my heart to you. You taught me the art of hypnosis the way a woman is using it: deep, connecting with the beyond and the inner world. You have been for me a great teacher. I am gratefull to you and I keep you in my heart for ever,
Atit Maria

A great therapist and teacher, and my soul friend as well. Loving you, Kosha,
Dhyan Ilaa

Kosha, blissful being, blissful years, blissful time… A personification of love, joy, aliveness, creativity, and sincerity. Thank you for spreading your fragrance of meditation, joy, love, and celebration in Greece, and all over the world, east and west. A gratitude for being all these years by you as a my friend, lover, teacher, partner, hand in hand…

Kosha has been my Aura-Soma teacher, colleague and mentor for years. I ended up loving her more than I could ever imagine the first moment I met her. I will always hold her in my heart very dearly, she was precious. Fly high!

I just heard of Kosha’s departure, ohhhhh…. I was still hoping to find you, Kosha, in Facebook, I kept on looking…
We shared so much laughter and music as two South Americans. I can still remember the sound of your voice and your laughter, in Poona 1 and at the Ranch in Jesus Grove. Fligh high, dear friend!
Samya Durruty-Koll