I never imagined that you would write

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (34)


I never imagined that you would write
such a loving letter!
And you say that you are uneducated!
There is no knowledge greater than love,
and those who lack love – these are the true illiterates,
because the heart is the real thing in life,
not the intellect.

Osho early

Bliss and light spring from the heart,
not from the mind,
and you have so much heart – that is enough!
Can there be a better witness of this than me?
I am surprised that you write asking me
to point out any mistakes you have made.
So far on earth, love has not made one mistake.
All mistakes happen through lack of love,
in fact this for me is the only mistake in life.

Writing to you: May God make you envious of me
was no mistake.
I would like the bliss that has arisen in my heart
to make you thirst for it more and more.
Queen of Mewal!
There is no reason for you to worry about it!

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