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Part 2 of Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa’s notes on healthy living.

Blood, bloody good, bloody mysterious

blood and green juice

Some years ago, I remember hearing Osho mention that no one really knows how the body makes blood. How does it transform the food we eat into blood?

What a daily miracle! It all happens behind doors, inside the bones, or so they say… Scientists have a name for this process: ‘Hematopoiesis’! But it’s not that they can do those things and make it happen. Abracadabra! Hematopoiesis! 40 mls a day… this extraordinary life liquid is created – 5 litres of the stuff (about a gallon) moving constantly through the body.

Chinese whispers

The Chinese say that “death lives in your gut” – it will be impossible for the body to find health if the nutrients you eat do not reach the bloodstream or if they (along with a mass of toxins) reach the bloodstream through a leaky gut wall (leaky gut syndrome).

As an interesting aside that I always loved… the old Chinese way, in their time honored 5000 year old medicinal tradition, doctors are paid when the patients are healthy. When people are ill they pay the doctor nothing. Now that’s a proper incentive for the doctor. Plus it expresses great confidence in their understanding about how to maintain good health.

Body under attack

Much of the body’s energy nowadays is devoted to keeping a defense line against modern environmental pollutants that reach us from all corners:

  • the shower: through chlorinated water absorbed through the air and skin
  • the vegetables we eat containing agricultural pesticides and herbicides
  • the off-gassing glues or paint with which we paint our houses
  • the benzine and plastic gases we inhale when we enter a hot car on a summer’s day
  • the vinyls and carpets on our floors, impregnated as they are with deodorizing chemicals
  • the amalgams in our teeth
  • the chemical cocktails with which we wash our hair, skin and clothes
  • the deodorant we spray under our arms
  • the whiteners in our toothpaste
  • the perfumes we put on our skin
  • the petrol we breathe when we fill up our cars
  • the artificial sweeteners with which we fool our taste buds
  • the fluoride we ingest through our drinking water
  • the pesticides residues that are in our cotton clothes

Shall we go on? No, better not…

Body fat is the body’s way of dealing with acidity and toxins

One way of looking at excessive body fat is that it’s the body’s response to toxic overload. If the body is confronted with too much acidity and toxins in the diet, it creates fat to store this acidity into. Dealing with body fat directly does not make sense if what is causing the acidic state of the body in the first place is not dealt with. A healthy body tends to be one that’s in a more alkaline state.

The kind of ‘non-foods’ that cause acidity are processed foods, wrongly prepared grain, food fried in vegetable oil, fizzy drinks and the usual suspects: alcohol, white sugar, coffee, tea, cigarettes and diet products, etc.

Most vegetables have an alkalizing effect on the body and are good for restoring the alkaline balance. Potatoes are great alkalizers and so are lemons. Lemon juice, in spite of its sour taste, has an alkaline effect in your metabolism.

Green veggies like spinach are good lightly steamed (reduces the unwanted oxylates and phytates which are released into the water.) Again great granny might have been right in tipping out the water, even if a few minerals were lost. But she was not so right if she overcooked them until they oxidized and turned dull green… yuk!

Steaming your green vegetables on slow heat for 4 or 5 minutes will destroy less enzymes and will keep the green vibrant. Better still is to juice your raw green veggies – the chlorophyll that makes plants green is energy straight from the sun, and if great granny would have had a cold press juicer, she would have loved it!

Serve vegetables and lovely alkaline potatoes with lots of butter… they instantly taste delicious that way!

Carbohydrates with saturated fats are like a combo made in heaven… remember the old saying that ‘the slice of bread is just to carry the butter’ – maybe that was great granny too or more likely grandpa – turns out they were on the money, along with the French – the nutrient rich butter is the real deal and that’s what your body’s keen for.

Put on butter or coconut cream, coconut oil, cheese or cream after cooking, just before serving so they warm and perhaps start to melt a little bit only, but don’t heat up. A little olive oil is also good to sometimes use in the mix.

blood and green juice

Squeeze the juice from life

Source a cold press juicer (brands such as like Champion, Green Star or Oscar) that uses a mortar and pestle extraction method (as apposed to the centrifugal juicers). The slow action of this cold press type of juicer is important because it keeps the nutrients and enzymes alive and intact. Whereas the high speed grater style does not keep the nutrients alive and that juice unfortunately becomes oxidized (oxidized = free radicals = not good).

Make delicious green juices with a base of kale, celery and coriander, plus a little parsley. Add a little zucchini or cucumber, red beet, a cabbage leaf, a bean or two, a little broccoli… some lettuce leaves or home sprouted wheat grass. Sweeten this condensed health potion with a carrot, a drop of stevia and a dash of raw cream, maybe 1 ml of Cod Liver Oil and chew the juice, that is, sip it very slowly, ideally with your meal, to include saliva with it.


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Sambodhi and SandipaSambodhi Prem and Sandipa have experienced the world of alternative health for years and now they’d like to share what they’ve learned. They are two artists, musicians and gardeners… what do you get when they decide to write a book about health? You get a book that’s more poetic, more from the gut and from the heart, than from the head, because they’re able to say things that many health professionals don’t dare to say… When you have been on the brink of death (like one of them has) and been around the block with intestinal malfunction, depressed immune system, migraines, or walked up a flight of stairs and felt so tired that you needed a day’s rest, you start looking for answers.

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