The Urgency — 12 November 2012

Nivedano …



Nivedano …


Be silent …
Close your eyes, and feel your bodies to be completely frozen.
This is the right moment to turn in.
Gather all your energy, your total consciousness, and with an urgency
as if this is going to be the last moment of your life,
rush towards your very center of being.
Faster and faster …
Deeper and deeper …

As you come closer to your very center, a great silence descends over you.
It is falling like soft rain.
A little more, closer, and a totally new experience …
Flowers of peace, flowers of serenity, flowers of absolute tranquillity
are growing all around you.
Just one step more and you are at the very center of your being,
absolutely drunk with the divine, surrounded by an aura of ecstasy.
You are facing your original face for the first time.

The face of the buddha is just a symbol,
it is really everybody’s face, the ultimate face.
The only quality the buddha has … all the buddhas, past, present, future
are bound to have only one quality – witnessing, awareness.
Just witness you are not the body.
Witness you are not the mind.
And witness you are only a witness.
You are just a buddha, utterly innocent, beyond mind,
a pure space, infinite and eternal.

To make your witnessing deeper, Nivedano …


Osho signature

Relax …

Let go, the same way as the flowers fall down from the trees …
with easy heart, no tension, no anxiety.
Settled at the center you are in tune with existence,
your heartbeat is the heartbeat of the whole universe.

At this moment you are the most blessed people on the earth,
because there is no other splendour in existence greater than you are in this moment.
Rejoice in this beautiful moment.
Rejoice in this authentic and original experience.
Rejoice that you are so blessed to be so close to existence itself.
And gather all these experiences before Nivedano calls you back.

You have to bring them from the center to the circumference of your life.
You have to live a life of grace, beauty, joy, blissfulness, ecstasy –
in every moment, around the clock.
Whether awake or asleep you are the buddha
and all that belongs to the buddha – the witnessing, the ecstasy,
the rejoicing, the blissfulness, the utter drunkenness that comes to you.
When you reach to your center you have reached to the very center of existence.
You are drowned in the juices of life, and nourished.
Collect all this experience and remember
that you have to persuade the buddha to come with you.

These are the three steps of meditation:
First the buddha comes behind you as a shadow.
But the shadow is fragrant, the shadow has tremendous solidity,
the shadow is not a shadow but a presence –
very tangible, you can touch it, you can feel it.
It is almost behind you; its warmth, its compassion, its light will all be showering on you.
The second step: you become the shadow, and buddha comes in front of you.
Your shadow slowly slowly fades away,
because your personality is nothing but a false idea, an imagination, a fiction, a lie.
And as your shadow disappears your being becomes one with the buddha.
That is the third and the final step.

The moment you become the buddha, you have come back home.
That day will be the most fortunate day of all your lives.
You have lived for many lives, in many ways, in many bodies,
and you have been missing and missing and missing.
This time, make it clear to yourself you are not going to miss:
you have to become enlightened, you have to achieve the highest peak
and the deepest depth of your being.
This is the very purpose of me calling your hidden secret,
your hidden splendour, to the surface.
God is dead, now only Zen is the living truth.



Come back … but very slowly, very peacefully, very silently,
as if there is no one in the auditorium.
Just sit silently for a few seconds to remember the path you have followed,
to remember all that great space, those beautiful moments
when your heart was in tune with the heart of the universe,
those few rare moments when your whole life was eternal.
And feel the buddha, his warmth, his compassion, his presence.
It is just behind you.
The day is not far away when you will take the second step
and you will take the third step.
These ten thousand people
are going to become ten thousand buddhas in their own right.

Okay, Maneesha?
Yes, Beloved Master.

Osho, God is Dead, Now Zen is the Only Living Truth, Ch 2