Operation Charavedi – Part 2


From Svarup and Premartha’s forthcoming book ‘The Little Buddha and the Cosmos’.

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But he didn’t need to worry, because the Yoga Lady resumed talking: “You always look so serious, and often a bit bored with the activities that ordinary enlightened people like me are interested in. In contrast to all of us, you appear so wise and perfect, and your venerable age and experience are visible to all. But I want to tell you something: lately I felt inspired for the first time to break my routine and go to Samba lessons at the Meera Dance Studio. I felt like asking you to come with me. But when I did, it was like a cold shower: you mumbled something like ‘I have other appointments’ and ran off, looking very busy. Guess whom you reminded me of?” And there she paused, looking at him with disquieting aliveness in her eyes: “Right, of my father. As far back as I can remember he never responded to any of my dreams. He was too busy making lots of money….”

The Buddha of Long History, no longer used to direct confrontation, felt a sudden surge of adrenaline and attempted an excuse, but she carried on: “But last night something happened: I dreamt I was a child again, walking alone in a pine forest. Suddenly, the notes of Samba music were filling up the air. I looked around for the source of it, but found nothing. Then I noticed some movement at the periphery of my vision: it was a little boy, heartwrenchingly crying. It was you. I was not sure if I should come close, but my heart ached for you. When you saw me, you said out of the blue: ‘My dog died’, which set off another bout of crying….

“Before I could stop myself, I asked you: ‘Do you know the Samba?’ You said yes, but in that typical tone of voice you have when in fact you are really absent. I started to feel hurt, like I always do.

“But then, something surprising happened. You jumped up and asked me: ‘Why?’ That jarred me back into myself. I answered: ‘Why not!’ Before I knew it, you reached out with both childlike hands and we danced the Samba, and merged into one energy…. But afterwards, when it was over and I wanted to thank you, you had disappeared. This time I was the one crying…. I tried to recapture the ecstatic feeling of the dance, but you were gone….”


Meanwhile, The Buddha of Long History had started looking at her in a new way: with color on her cheeks and her body moving as sensuously as in a Samba dance, she was a real beauty. Something of the old seducer that he had been more than thousands of years back reared up its head. Shocked by his own words, he just replied: “So, let’s go dance some time…”

She looked at him, flushed, and smiled: “Aren’t’ you lucky that I won’t keep you on your words! I have made other plans: I am going to keep on moving, Charavedi… I have enough of waiting here for eternity: I am already enlightened! I have a soul family in Brazil and I will go there soon. Yesterday evening, a rumor was going around the whole community….”

For a moment, the Buddha of Long History was amazed at his own egocentrism… while he was raging and laughing alone in his room, the whole world outside was speculating, sharing, passing on information…. Well, that had always been his way, anyway…. He cleared his voice and asked: “What kind of rumor?”

“One that proved itself to be true, if you ask around. It was said that during the night all Shambala inhabitants would dream of themselves as children, and their dream would reveal where and how their true longing had been forgotten. This longing has something to do with the direction we need to follow when we will move again….

“However, the discussions started quite soon: some Buddhas hold the conviction that there is no Buddha nature in the past but only in the here and now: for them the dream and the child of the past had no meaning, they were just more illusions.

“I also had similar thoughts before the night, but then I liked the little Samba girl that appeared in my dream, and I want her to have the opportunities I never had in my first childhood. If I can find a way to fulfill her longing, I am ready. I will have a new childhood in Brazil. I want to include in my new childhood the love for Yoga, which has brought me to enlightenment, but I also want to dance, and with as many different boys as possible. Maybe in the end something like YogaSamba will be born…”

The Buddha of Long History was touched: he remembered his own dream, and the longing for his lost animal friend; he even wondered if his dream and hers were two sides of a larger dream, and felt a remote stirring in his heart… but he really wasn’t sure if he wanted to put himself once more through the long journey from conception through those first years of struggling to just get standing on his feet….

As if reading his mind, the Yoga Lady continued: “It is also rumored that we will be offered a new possibility to come to the world directly as grown children, skipping all the hardship of the preliminaries… in this quantum physics era, new incarnation techniques are now available. But you can only find out more about this by visiting the Council of Twelve….

“I am so excited about what has been happening here in Shambala,” she continued. “Since I was a latecomer, I have been trying to model myself on the older ones. Without really noticing, I started to act like an old lady, as exasperated as everyone else when somebody skips a meditation or likes to smoke a cigarette….

“Now my trust is back with the Council: their message made me understand that the Sangha is still alive.

“Yesterday the streets were full of people, everyone holding their paper strip saying ‘Charavedi’. There was so much happiness in the air; we were all like children when the circus comes to town. People started disclosing their most secret dreams to each other. Especially the younger ones like me were so relieved to realize that nobody, not even the most ancient ones, had any exclusive rights to the truth. It became clear that it was boredom and lack of challenge that made some of the older residents over-controlling and nitpicking, and that some chaos was needed to wake up….”

Chaos… the word stirred some visceral fear in the Buddha of Long History, enough to make him realize that this was truly a wake up call… But before he could reply, she stopped and looked at him straight in the eyes, whispering in a soft and loving voice: “Keep on moving, dear Buddha of Long History, keep on moving…”

And with that, she gave him a slightly awkward peck on the cheek, blushed, and ran off to her home.


Standing there at the door opening, the Buddha Of Long History felt suddenly empty, this time in a negative way, as if he had lost something precious. He sat on the floor in the middle of his cabin, not knowing what to do. It took him quite some time to realize that the deep sobs that he was hearing were his.

Later at dusk, when the crying subsided, he got up and looked at himself in a small mirror close to his washbasin. He was again smiling broadly, maybe a tiny bit more shyly than before. Just like a child. Through his middle-aged-man features he started recognizing the expression of his much younger self, more fragile and full of wonder. On impulse, he started smiling back at the reflection, greeting the child that had been silent for so long inside him.

That night again he did not sleep well. It was extremely confusing for him: he had always slept soundly. But the looming sense of chaos was making him feel restless, almost insane. As soon as the first rays of morning sunlight came, he peered through his window. The street was already busy: some Buddhas were just going on about their business as if nothing had happened, and only a keen observer like him could detect their insecurity. Some others, though, were walking towards the Council Hall with a secret smile on their face, as if treasuring a private and exciting joke….

One look was enough for The Buddha of Long History to decide: he would also go to see the Council and ask them for an explanation. Then, he remembered his own smile, and thought it too exuberant for such an official visit. He tried everything to get rid of it: he massaged his face, cut his hair, and even started to think of all the sad events in his many lives.

As nothing seemed to work, he finally closed his eyes. Freed from the struggle, his whole being started smiling. This time he allowed it to spread all over. It tasted familiar: like berries and cherries, like his childhood. Then he remembered, or rather he was back there:


He is a small child, just old enough to go to school.

He is very excited about this new step in his life. His family is around him; all of them, mom, dad, and his siblings, seem to regret that he is going into the big wide world. He realizes that there has always been around him a sort of magnetism, a field that attracts others…

He recalled how surprised they all were about his curiosity. Since they could already recognize in him a Buddha in a child form, they were puzzled by his urge to continue seeking and searching.

And then, he remembered his own smile as a child. It was the same one that was spreading now all over his adult being….

This realization deeply relaxed him. He took a long breath, and turned his attention to the paper that he was holding in his hand: ‘Charavedi’. Rereading the word, his smile reached his ears and beyond….

Yes, to keep on moving was exactly what he had been longing for, without realizing, since quite a while! It was time to let that smile be seen…

He entered his dressing room and browsed through his clothes to find what to wear on his official visit to the Council of Twelve. Normally, he would have chosen plain clothes. But his inner smile guided him to pick a bright orange cloth, hand-woven, and a pair of beautiful matching velvety slippers. He set off for the Council Hall with a light foot and an overflowing heart.


End of chapter 1


Premartha and SvarupPremartha and Svarup are lovers, friends and partners. They have been working together in the field of Osho all over the world for more than thirty years. They are very experienced in Primal and emotional healing, sexuality and transformation. Out of their combined passion for the work grew their unique way to teach which they call ‘Dwija – Twice Born’, a multicolored journey through a large variety of groups, courses and trainings. Together, they have written the book ‘Twice Born-Healing the Past-Creating a New Future‘. At present, they are in the process of publishing the first book of a trilogy called ‘The Little Buddha and the Cosmos’.

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