Horoscope December 2012


“Hidden truths are coming to light,” says Sitara…


Sagittarius and Capricorn

Sun 9° Sagittarius – 11° Capricorn
Moon 4° Cancer – 21° Leo
Mercury 19° Scorpio – 1° Capricorn
Venus 11° Scorpio – 20° Sagittarius
Mars 11° Capricorn – 5° Aquarius
Jupiter, retrograde 12° – 8° Gemini
Saturn 7°– 10° Scorpio
Chiron 5° – 6° Pisces
Uranus, direct from 13th 5° Aries
Neptune 0° – 1° Pisces
Pluto 8° – 9° Capricorn
North node 25° Scorpio
Lilith 9° – 12° Gemini
New Moon, 13th 9:41h GMT 22° Sagittarius
Full Moon, 28th 11:21h GMT 7° Cancer


Mood of the Moment
The first half of December is still about reasoning out basics, penetrating issues or problems to the core. Only serious discussion will produce satisfactory results. This month fateful encounters are likely to happen between people destined to play a crucial role for each other. The function of such meetings as ‚door-opener’ will not always be obvious from the start, yet their potential will be tremendously advantageous for all concerned.

Over the month, the mood will become more and more positive and optimistic, without ever turning shallow. The last week of December is a good time to initiate changes, particularly those that have been in the air since the start of this year. Saturn and Pluto transmit almost unconquerable strength and stability, with Uranus and Pluto adding the necessary resolution to ignore hesitations and scruples. In addition, Mars in Aquarius contributes creativity and Chiron in a trine to Full Moon in Cancer rounds off any edges that are too sharp, reconciling matters should things turn out other than expected.

Jupiter with his constant malcontent demand for more is the only one causing problems this month.

Desires are like the horizon. The nearer you want to get to it, the further it moves away from you; the reason being that it just doesn’t exist. It only appears to be, it is an illusion. It is unreal.

Osho, The Perfect Way, Ch 4


AriesAries: Penetrating power along with tenacity is now at your disposal. In the first half of the month, there may still be disagreements in your relationships – mostly because of over high expectations and demands. In the second week, at the latest, a new page will be turned and it will be easy to reach mutual agreement. At the end of December, you’ll tend to feel constricted. Take your own space without overthrowing it all. Make your life more entertaining but do not attempt bigger changes yet.


TaurusTaurus: Scorpio is inviting you to continue exploring his worlds. Here it is not about constructing but about plumbing their depths – emotionally, socially, spiritually, etc. Scorpio’s highest value isn’t safety but truth. In the second half of December, your perspective widens. You gain more zest and optimism, albeit at the price of a certain loss of control. If you want to control life it will never grow beyond the limits of your imagination. Are you content with that?


GeminiGemini: In the first half of December, deep insights or meaningful encounters may take place which will have great impact on the course of your life. This month, you tend to have exaggerated expectations and play for too high stakes. This will end in frustration. The better you manage to bridge the gap between your desires and actual possibilities, the closer you will get to your ideal and even enjoy the ride. In the last third of the month, some things are temporarily slowing down; so be patient and remain sober.


CancerCancer: In the first half of the month, it’s about successfully combining head and heart. Find worlds of ideals that make your heart sing, and find words that convey your heart’s music to the outside world. Pleasant speech is the art of drawing the words directly from the heart. On the other hand, mind must stay awake so that they are placed in the right context. The second half of the month carries you beyond verbal communication: now it is about emotional sharing or silent aloneness.


LeoLeo: During the first three weeks, everything takes on a broader perspective. Expand your horizon – through travelling, experiencing, or learning. Don’t be satisfied with the parameters to which your life normally is adjusted. Rather, find ideas, have experiences, risk feeling things that point beyond your usual mental status quo. In the last third of the month, a Saturnian influence comes in, demanding that you integrate the experienced into your daily life, thus deepening it even more – which will prove advantageous, particularly for your relationships.


VirgoVirgo: Communication isn’t easy, misunderstandings can happen painfully fast. Try to clear them up as soon as you become aware of an incongruity. But sometimes, when it is impossible to come to an understanding, try as you may, you simply must agree to disagree. Yet you can continue to like or even love each other. Let things be as they are – by the end of the month a solution might appear that transcends power and powerlessness. There is no need to win in order to prove your strength.


LibraLibra: The deeper you look within and the more unconditionally you involve yourself, the more richly you will be awarded. Don’t let yourself be confused, but stick to what you recognize as having meaning for you. And allow yourself to be a bit crazy. That will get your energy going and gives you buoyancy. The more you let yourself be guided by certain standards, by perceptions of the ideal or by what would be sensible, the more you stifle your very own creative resources with which you can re-invent your life at any moment.


ScorpioScorpio: In the first half of the month, there will be fateful encounters; don’t miss this unique opportunity to open yourself towards your ultimate destination. In the second half of the month, keep calm and don’t give up, even if there are constrictions or other challenges. What is in fact happening right now is that ego structures and aims with which you are most identified are being questioned. Be ready to let yourself be transformed from scratch. All that’s genuine will prevail and emerge empowered by the transformation process.


SagittariusSagittarius: In the first half of December, it is about thinking, talking and learning. The art is to distinguish between beliefs and knowledge. Always ask yourself whether your knowledge is well-founded or derives from wishful thinking; let go of mere beliefs. In the second half of the month, relationships come to the fore. Be open to improvements and changes, even if you don’t know where they are leading and are therefore frightening to you. Stick to what is most profound and truthful in you, even if it doesn’t seem to fit with your desires: It will make itself felt.


CapricornCapricorn:Emotions and joie de vivre don’t seem to fit with your ambitions. This feeling will subside during the course of the month; things may get exciting in the last third of December, with Uranus and Pluto creating havoc. You can choose between staying with what really will last or swearing by ideas that obviously call for revision now. You have based your identity on some of them – it may now have done its work. Fortunately, you are more than your identity.


AquariusAquarius: This month, things get going. Now it is about getting into position through exchanges with friends and like-minded people. Education and further education are now under a lucky star. Throughout, keep focused on the context in which learning and information are embedded. In everything, let your yardstick be whatever you have found to be valuable. After the end of December, much of what you have been striving for over the last year or two will actually move into focus or even materialize.


PiscesPisces: For the first three weeks you tend to feel overwhelmed – either because you lack clarity or because you feel left alone. Both are far from reality. Your viewpoint now diverges from that of others, but there’s nothing wrong with this. Neither have you to fit into their world, nor they into yours. Stand by yourself. By the end of the month it will be crystal clear to you that one can let several opinions coexist side by side –harmoniously, with warmth and friendliness.



Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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