The wheel of the world keeps spinning

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (39)


I have your letter.
The wheel of the world keeps spinning
but why spin with it?
See what is behind body and mind;
that has never moved,
is not moving,
can never move,
and thou art that, tat twam asi.


Waves lie on the surface of this ocean
but in its depths – what is there?
When the waves are taken for the ocean
it is a terrible mistake.

Look at the wheel of a bullock cart:
the wheel turns because the axle does not;
so remember your own axle,
standing, sitting, asleep or awake,
keep it in mind.
By and by, one begins to encounter
the changeless behind all change.

You have asked me about the poem.
I had a little piece read out by someone,
then it came to me: I should hear it from you yourself!
Now when you read it out to me I shall listen –
and then I can read both you and your poem.

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