Voyages — 01 February 2013

…died 27th January 2013 in New Jersey, USA.

Nitamo aka Mario

Dhyan Nitamo (aka Mario) was born in Italy and was 50 years old.

He died of liver cancer which was only detected a month ago in a late stage. He had been in some pain in the last week or so, but surrendered gracefully to the inevitable. He died with his long-time beloved best friend Lisa (aka Prem Sarla) holding his hand.

He took sannyas in Rajneeshpuram and together with Swamis Deven, Simant and Smaran he built the crematorium while on the RHT program.

During the early nineties he met U.G. Krishnamurti in Gstaad and spent 15 years around him. At the same time he started an interior design business in Cologne, Germany, building fancy bathrooms, trendy resin floors and inspired walls. In the last few years he was a regular visitor to Bali.


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I just learned from a friend in New Jersey that Mario left his body about 2 1/2 hours ago in his old friend Julie’s house. He left very peacefully. In November he was diagnosed with liver cancer, which was very advanced and he then moved to friends in the United States and spent a beautiful month in New Jersey. Friends from around the world came to see him and were able to say goodbye. He was just incredibly accepting and loving and just plain sweet. I cannot say more. Just beautiful. A real man! Until Friday, he was still on his feet, was joking, laughed, cooked and had fun with his friends.

Saturday was a turning point; he was restless and in a lot of pain, and didn’t leave Julie’s house anymore. A private hospice nurse came and took care of him. He slept for 7 hours during the night but this morning (Sunday) when he woke up at 6am he was very restless; at 10am his breathing became labored, he then stopped one-and-a half hours later and after 15 seconds one long breath left his body and he was out of his body. When he left, his friends were in the room. It was completely silent. He did not suffer long, I am so happy about it. What a dear friend. I will miss just him. Love,

Nitamo was a good and intimate friend for many years since we first met in Pune in 1987. We lived together in Riverside for few years and together shared, partied, travelled and enjoyed life, something he was exceptionally good at. I love you,