Voyages — 02 February 2013

…left her body on 1st February 2013

Taruja completed her first dance training in 1994 and later worked with different dancers. She has been leading Dance workshops and given individual session. She was also an Osho Rebalancing, Reiki, Cranio-sacral and Osho Mysitc Rose facilitator.

She was 44 years old when she left her body in Berlin.


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Beloved Taruja, in gratitude for having spent quality time with you in Poona so many times! Your laughter and joy, the tears, the honesty… I wish that I would have had a miracle cure… So young you left… Farewell, beloved! Farewell!

WoW! Dear beloved Taruja, that was a short but very intense, passionate, ‘total’ visit…. Shocking to hear the news here in paradise Goa. Found myself sobbing because we were teaching pals together in a Rebalancing training in Pune. Thank you eternally for the juicy, playful, skillfull sharing, and teaching of Osho Divine Bodywork. In gratitude and endless love, enjoy your Godly Journey towards a still better home. Be blessed, precious and dearest one!

Your laughter, your joy of life, your healing hands and graceful dance will always echo through the universe. Thank you for being such a loving friend….

This song is yours:

…and I’m calling on the light
in every flower in every smile
in a dewdrop and a tear
I call the light that’s you and me

Shine Shine Shine … all the time
Shine Shine Shine … tonight

Ma Atmo

We shared some good laughter and giggles on the path. Thank you for your warm heart. Now you have spread your wings, blessings and love on your journey, shine on… fly high,

Dear Taruja – you left us. I’m so sad not to have seen you more often on this earth. I thank you so much for your loving work and your laughter; your energy to dance and teach us not only rebalancing, but also how to open our eyes and minds for our individual story and for our feelings of relationship.
Anna Maria