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Premgeet of Osho Work Org. and Osho Friends Foundation, Pune, sent this update on the current court case against Osho International Foundation (OIF):

After losing in the Bombay High Court on 7th January 2013, OIF have realised their blunders. Before the Hon’ble Charity Commissioner, Mumbai, Mr. Mukesh Sarda (Swami Mukesh Bharti) has filed a ‘Withdrawal Application’ on 15th February 2013. In this withdrawal OIF submitted that they do not wish to purse application to gift plot # 22 having various units in favor of Darshan Trust, New Delhi.

On such application Hon’ble Charity Commissioner had suggested Mr. Mukesh Sarda to produce this resolution signed by all the trustees. Whereas, Mr. Mukesh Sarda has failed to bring signatures of all the trustees agreeing to the withdrawal! (Are they broke?!)

In the order of 15th February 2013, Hon’ble Charity Commissioner Mrs. M S Jawalkar has noted that the (OIF) trustees are directed to place a copy of resolutions on record.  “Today no resolution is placed on record, nor is applicant trustee present. It appears that after filing of withdrawal application, the applicant (OIF) has lost his interest in pursuing the (gift) application. Hence application stands disposed of as withdrawal. “

Beloved friends, this is the second consecutive defeat of OIF in the courts. We are sure that they will be losing on their stand on Osho’s Samadhi, the Banning of Osho’s devotees and many other corruptions committed by them.

We suggest that the present trustees who are innocent must not surrender to Jayesh, Mukesh and Amrito, nor should the innocents resign. The trustees and friends who choose to stand for us will gain support and appreciation from thousands of friends around the world.

This is enough of an indication of the coming future. The present trustees and managers have simple two options: “Co-Exist or Exit.”

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