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Sona’s review of Parijat’s latest CD.

Prayer-to-Love TN

‘Prayer to Love’ is pleasant to listen to, yet I missed – as I sometimes do with New Age Music – his individual touch, the strike to one’s heart with an unexpected unfolding of uniqueness.

Above the steady and peaceful flow of keyboard ground notes the voices of acoustic guitar, harp, sitar, percussion and piano are rising and falling, blending with each other, disappearing, inviting to slow down.

The first track, ‘Journey to the Center’, is the most calm and contained. The second, ‘Prayer to Love’, has a very beautiful voice of an Iranian singer sampled and tuned to the harp.

Outstanding is the contribution of Tanmayo’s voice and especially her violin play, adding depth and emotion. Simple harmonies and intertwining instrumental voices help induce relaxation and invite a wandering off into imagined spaces.


Listen to the title track and read what Parijat has to say about it: Prayer to Love, the Track!

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Parijat playingTrained since his early childhood on the mandolin and classical guitar, Parijat is a life-long musician and composer. Having grown weary of the technical nature and complicated sophistication of his classical training, he reconnected with his love for music while in India. His time there allowed him to rekindle his creativity and taught him that the true spirit and nature of his creativity was cultivated in a simple and innocent place. Parijat lives and works in his native Germany. –

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