Russian TV Report Takes on Benedict’s Retirement

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Russian news station 1TV.RU reports on March 3, 2013 on the Pope’s resignation, quotes and shows Arjuna in video.

Extensive report about the reasons of Pope Benedict’s resignation, anticipation about who will be the next pontiff and speculations about the future of the Church.

Quoting Arjuna’s (John Hogue) predictions about the last pope they add, “The famous American writer John Hogue – one of the most respected specialists in the world in the field of prophecies and predictions is almost an reclusive on the island of Whidbey off the north-west coast of the U.S. His recent books include The Last Pope which is now destined to become a bestseller. Still, after Hogue predicts a rapid decline of the Roman Catholic Church he recounts and analyzes the prophecies of St. Malachy that the next head of the Vatican, who is to be elected in the near future will be the last pope, a harbinger of the coming apocalypse.”

They list information about the meaning of the names of the last few popes and coming to Pope Benedict they state, “Arguments about the poor health of the Pontiff don’t seem to convince anyone. They differ essentially only in one aspect: whether the renunciation of the Pope is voluntary or forced. …The history of the Roman Church has known many examples of usurpation of power, but cases of renunciation were few and they all were related to war or the danger of a split.”

In this video, at 1.18 minutes in follows a one minute segment showing Arjuna speaking in front of his book case full of Osho books and the camera zooms in to show even more of the books.

The fast and sharp commentary by Olga is directed against the strengthened power claims of the West established by Rome, that has held the entire world in control so far.

Very clear are the comments of the interviewees: e.g. a former member of the Pope Council: “The decline comes from within, the foundation of the church is merely quicksand.”

Olga adds that the western ideas of domination are outlived; today all the power is concentrated within an international financial mafia that cannot tolerate the existence of national mafias, i.e. the Vatican. Benedict had made real efforts to create a world government to get the cultural crisis under control. It is implied that the forced resignation is connected to such processes – which only the next, the last pope will be allowed to perform: “If one ever wants to be more involved in governing the world, then one is allowed to do one’s part.”

The editor of the Vatican Magazine says in the end:  “They say now that in future man will become god. That scares me a little. Yes, we no longer need myths, and no opium for the people. But I fear that we will now get a dictatorship, as loving and friendly as it may be pictured.”

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