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Vandana’s review of Ashik’s new CD.

Gypsy Heart CDDelightful music in the gypsy genre from Ashik, some tracks his own compositions, others traditional tunes from the cafés and fairgrounds of Eastern Europe, woven in with Andean flutes and Belfast fiddles. Ashik’s masterly violin is underscored throughout by a vigorous double base and a generous serve of gypsy cheek and swagger.

Tunes that immediately tap the toes are also elegant and non-intrusive, like a skilled violinist playing beside a tête-à-tête dinner table. Never overpowering, you can listen to this music anywhere and see everyone start to smile and sway, even jump up and jig! (I caught myself playing air violin in the bathroom…) Fun stuff and a risk free gift: if unsure of a friend’s musical tastes, this CD will fill a gap in the most comprehensive musical collection.


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Ashik learned violin and classical guitar from a young age. He studied philosophy at the University of Oxford and, after graduating, he started exploring the world. In India he met Osho in 1979 for whom he played in the evening meditations and later on various occasions on the Ranch. His further travels through the Americas, Europe, the Himalayas, India and Japan had a profound influence on his music, which brought him to incorporate numerous themes and traditional folk songs into his own compositions. He has now ‘settled’ in the wild foothills of Colorado.

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