‘In Love and Silence’

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Bhagawati’s review of Madhuro’s latest CD.

In Love and Silence TNMadhuro’s latest CD is a compilation of some of the most beautiful and well-loved songs that were created in the Buddhafield by various composers, including Madhuro. These are songs we know by heart (indeed!) and his warm and engaging voice is soothing and joyful, yet there is a fresh twist to the music, being played by a new group of musicians, including Swamis Anand Neerava and Prem Gandharva. Included is one new recording that “happened” to Madhuro, I Just Close My Eyes.

Listening to those ever young songs, a feeling of exquisite joy and sweet intimacy takes over. And yes, there’s some nostalgia yet at the same time the sense of now.

This CD has been released without fanfares and is a true offering of the heart.

Bhagawati, Osho News

Available via:  meditationandmore.de – oshoba.iti-tunes

MadhuroBorn in Milan, Italy, Deva Madhuro found out already at age 14 that music was his medium. In 1971 he formed his first band ‘Light’ and in 1978, attracted to meditation, he took sannyas in Pune. Moving into the inner world, he found incredible inspiration and started to compose songs which quickly became very popular. He has produced several CDs, among them ‘Come l’Acqua’, ‘I keep on loving you’, and ‘Sweet Emptiness’. He lives half of the year in Miasto, and the other half in Australia. www.madhuro.com

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