Living in the Light


Vismaya presents one of her songs she wrote.



I lived and worked as a singer in Germany for nearly ten years. Although I was very happy to have a lot of work and it was a very creative time for me, something was missing. After I went to Sedona, Arizona, on a holiday, I dreamed of going back there to live. I had found my Shangri-la. And the sun was shining almost every day. In Germany it tends to be gray and people are not that happy. So coming back from Sedona I saw the difference. One day walking the streets of Cologne, I just realized how serious people seemed to be, nobody smiling and looking happy. And the song ‘Living in the Light’ was born. I wrote the lyrics and my writing partner Nenad Mandic wrote the music. The song is written for Sedona, but of course, it’s a metaphor for living Osho’s life of celebration, joy, and light!


Whenever I take a walk in town
looking at people brings me down
I search a smile, a happy face
but I must find another place

I wanna go where the people smile
trust in life and rest awhile
I wanna be where my heart can dance
where love still has another chance

Living in the light, I don’t wanna fight
I just wanna see you smile at me
Living in the light everything is right
Love is what we need, the air we breathe

I wanna sing like a bird on wings
sing and fly into the sky
I wanna be where the river flows
trust my heart where it may go

I wanna leave the darkness behind
and live my life in the sunshine
I wanna be where my heart can dance
where love still has another chance


Music: Nenad Mandic
Lyrics: Vismaya (Ingrid Hagelberg)
CD :Songs from my red suitcase (GEMA)


Wath a video of Vismaya performing this song at a Concert in Frankfurt:
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VismayaVismaya (Ingrid Hagelberg) was born in Malmö, Sweden. From a small child she knew she wanted to become a singer. She got her music education at a teachers college in Sweden and from studying with private teachers. But the main education, she says, is being on the road and singing night after night in clubs and theaters. She speaks five languages and sings in at least six. Vismaya took sannyas in 1983 at the Ranch. With her original songs and her jazz/cabaret shows, she has traveled the world and still performs today in Arizona and in Europe. Vismaya’s base is in Sedona, AZ.

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