Monsoon Winds


Ramadhan Meir Suissa shares one of his video tracks…

The video Monsoon Winds is based on a monsoon raga called ‘Megh’, meaning ‘clouds’. You will sense the rain falling from the pregnant clouds through the notes and through the mood of the raga.

My musical inspiration comes from many parts of the world. Of course the Sufi influence is strong as I was born in Morocco, but I am open to the whole world. I played in fusion bands with touches of jazz, African, Australian aboriginal….

The beautiful photos in the video, taken in India, are from Robert Fraisl.

Ramadhan Meir SuissaRamadhan Meir Suissa studied music in his native Morocco (guitar, oud, drums, flutes, percussion and singing) and was later inspired by the santoor when he visited India. He took sannyas in 1978 and was part of the musicians group in the communes for many years. He has released 5 CDs under his own label, Indigo, but also under Silenzio (more albums in the pipe-line). He now lives in India, Israel and Europe.

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