Mantra Meditation Journey


An invitation to a free 21-day Mantra Journey with Deva and Miten

21-day Mantra Meditation Journey with Deva and Miten

Dear friends,

We invite you to join us on April 23 for a three week journey into the powerful world of Mantra. Each day we will introduce a mantra with a guided meditation, followed by an exploration into its energies and meanings. You will discover how these ancient sound formulas carry us into a state of inner peace and wellbeing.

This is an opportunity to acquire for yourself a potent tool for healing and transformation; one that will support and nourish you on your journey through life’s adventures and challenges.

We look forward to sharing these precious and sacred moments together with you, with the intention of making this world a better place.

With love,
Deva & Miten

The 21-day Mantra Meditation Journey, three weeks of exploring the transformational power of a daily mantra meditation practice, is free and is done online. Everyone who registers receives, each day, the mantra sent to their inbox or on their mobile. After Deva and Miten have explained the meaning of the mantra they invite to chant with them. The mantras are about 15 minutes long and a beautiful way to enrich the day. The Mantra Meditation Journey starts on the 23rd April 2013 and registration has already begun:

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