Jesus Passing By


A timely poem by Rashid…

Rashid Beyond Appearances 5

Jesus passing by
knocked on our door
I was somewhat surprised
Jesus! I said come in
come in for a cuppa tea
tea? Have you got no wine?
okay give me water I will make my own
so what’s all this son of god stuff ? I asked
oh that he replied that was my way of saying
all things are a piece of something else
all things are actually a part of Existence
or Consciousness or Self
or what they used to call god
and Paul got it totally wrong
we are all the sons of god including
this non- biodegradable teabag
and he tossed it in the landfill bin
oh okay I said – like the Buddhist thing
yeah I got it from his guys in India
Christ Almighty! I ejaculated
when were you in India?
i lived there fifteen years as a foreign student
and after the big debacle (he pronounced it debackle I guess he meant the crucifiction)
i retired to Kashmir
i didn’t die
just fainted from the heat and stress
oh my god I said
what would be your teaching now
now you see the mess they’ve made of everything?
enjoy, don’t judge, meditate, understand that love is god
what your man Osho says
you are not your fucking ego.
Amen to that! I said

Poem by Rashid
Illustration: painting by Rashid from the series ‘Beyond the Veil of Appearances’

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