Excerpts — 10 May 2013

Osho and dog

Another time, Osho in Uruguay with another dog

There are animals who are crying out to be freed from their forms.

It happened at a camp in Matheran. I was staying very far away from the campus ground. The first evening, when I was going to my bungalow, a dog followed – really a rare dog. Then the dog remained continuously. Three times I would go to conduct the camp, and three times I would return. It was half an hour’s journey. Three times I was asleep, and he would sit just on the veranda. Even when he went to eat something, he never left me. For the whole camp this was his routine. He would follow me to the camp, and when others were meditating he would sit more silently, more deeply, than those who were attending the camp. And then he would go back with me.

The last day, when I left Matheran by train, he followed the train. He was running by the side of the train, and the guard took compassion on him and he took him in. Up to Neral he came. This train was a slow train, a toy train, coming from Matheran to Neral, traveling just seven miles in two hours, and the dog could follow. But from Neral it is a fast train; when I took the train from Neral to Bombay others were standing there on the platform weeping and crying, and the dog was also standing there in tears.

Osho, A Bird on a Wing, Ch 9