Hoku’s rap with lyrics…

I got no wishes, my magic lamp’s empty
nothing I want can fuckin tempt me
I’ll set fire to your desires, if you’ll just let me
don’t get upset – I’ll do it gently
doesn’t seem anyone knows better from worse
grasping at straws til they leave in a hearse
looking for salvation in money or a church
but there’s never gonna be an end to the search
everybody’s first to claim the highest perch
but if the foundation’s cursed, you’re in a lurch
gotta disperse this urge to have it perfect
by nurturing the knowledge
that everything is worth it
All of it – up, down, side-to-side
gotta admit this is a crazy ass ride
thoughts, emotions, senses and persona
all on loan, remember – you ain’t the owner

La di da da da da da da da
La di da da da da

Suddenly you gotta surrender to the covenant
haven’t you ever wondered where’s the sovereign
and see the nothing in all that you’re discovering
I think I’m hearing the call of the conundrum it’s
La da da da da da livinitanlovinit
Gotta feel that existence is mothering
giving us this existence that’s above and in
if you grok this feeling here brother than go
La da da da livinitanlovinit


Got another conundrum here I’m wondering
why would anybody think life’s a blunder when
if you look around, you can see it’s all loving
and go La da da da livinitanlovinit
Yes it sucks living under a government
or making bucks as another indulgent
subservient to utter unintelligence
But at the end of the day what to do but go
La da da da da livinitanlovinit?

Hoku left his body on 14th May 2013. More on his tribute page…

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