Voyages — 19 May 2013

(July 11, 1987 – May 14, 2013)

Hoku came to Pune 2 with his parents Sadhanali (aka Premrito) and Sudi (aka Sudiro), with whom he kept a deep and close friendship. He lived many years in Santa Fe and frequently visited India. As a street artist he also performed with his long-time partner, singer Granna Griffith and with Winter Riddle. He was fond of nature (his mother is a gardener); he loved to climb trees, cars and roofs; write poetry, paint his face, dress up and make faces (on the photo in the slideshow with the kids on the byke, Hoku is the one in the sidecar – making faces).

On Friday 17th he was remembered in a gathering in Santa Fe. Cremation at 2pm Monday, 25 May in Chicago.

See Hoku’s rap video on Osho News: livinitanlovinit
Hoku Donovan-Smith Memorial Fund

The Santa Fe Reporter writes on Saturday, May 18, 2013: Tuesday, at about 4:30 am CST, Santa Fe local Erin ‘Hoku’ Donovan-Smith fell to his death from the 16th story of a Chicago building. An autopsy concluded the 25-year-old’s death was an accident. […] Donovan-Smith was, according to [his friend] McDonough, “an amazing film-maker and a really good rapper. He made a lot of music and poetry” and “inspired the shit out of everyone.”

Shana Hack, owner of Moon Rabbit Toys and Donovan-Smith’s former employer, says, “He was one of the best people I ever knew; he was a complete goofball and I loved him—he made everyone happy. […] He made those around him feel good about themselves, which is a rare quality in people.” More…

Article on DNAinfo Chicago: Family of Street Performer Who Fell From High-Rise ‘in Shock’

Hoku on YouTube


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Much love. Miss you Hoku, you crazy fool.
Grannia Devlyn Griffith

Blessings and total love on your journey, my friend. As my mom, Ma Prem Shakura, told me after she left her body: “You won’t believe what’s next!”

Fly high, Hoku! Only visiting this earth for a little while. May light guide your way….

Dance, dance beautiful Hoku, in the love of so many who cherished you!

You genius magician you! The plans of adventures uttered, patiently anticipated, now fully realized…
Julie Dalness

Hoku, I have known you through your father’s eyes and words… and it is enough to understand your greatness.
Maria Cristina Angeli