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The second volume of the complete talks given by Osho on the Bhagavad Gita during the early 70s in Hindi has been translated into English and published in India on May 15, 2013. It was posted as the book of the month in the April Newsletter on the website of Full Circle New Delhi.

Gita Darshan Vol. 2In this volume, Yoga of Action, Osho explains the key that unlocks the door to ‘desireless action’ – the path of Karma Yoga. What is the difference between our actions and the actions of Krishna and Osho – two great masters of the inner dimension? My actions are ‘mine’ – this seems to be the problem. We stand behind our actions with all the heavy burden of our desires and expectations. When things turn out to be the way we want, when our expectations are fulfilled, we are happy. When life does not follow our plans, we complain with god and curse the series of circumstances that prevented us from actualizing our dreams and desires. This seems to be our pattern, as human beings, for countless lifetimes, centuries and millennia – since the beginning of time.

The first volume, published last year, was extremely well received in India and abroad. Chidananda and Videh are already working on the translation for volume 3 (of a total of 17 volumes) to be published next year. The Italian version will be out this September and negotiations are under way for translations into French and Spanish, to be distributed in France, Spain and South America.

Chidananda and Videh said, “We feel that it is a fantastic series which brings out a side of Osho that not many people have experienced, where Osho talks along the lines of ‘you have to have a mind before you can drop the mind’, and encourages the readers to search and inquire, be authentic and sincere. At times he is even ruthless in his effort to push us into self inquiry, taking the example from the dialogues between Krishna and Arjuna (Master and disciple), where Krishna pushes Arjuna hard with a pitchfork trying to make him understand – not only the dimension of the beyond, but his mental patterns that prevent him from going beyond.

Being the father of psychology, Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita draws out of Osho many terrific psychological insights, and Osho in this book comes out as a master who hits the nail on the head mercilessly without trying to sweeten the pill.”

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Available at OshoViha and in major bookshops in India
Soon available at Osho World

Videh and Chid TNChidananda and Videh are old time sannyasins who have lived with Osho in all the three communes since the very beginning in the early 70’s until Osho left his body in 1990. They live in Tuscany, Italy. To them, translating this beautiful series has become an inner journey.

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