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Shantam Prem from India is fed up with the yellow Hindi press writing nonsense about Osho

There is one Farrah Abrahham [American teenage mom, ed.] who has worked in a TV reality show and made her sex tape public. Within 24 hours of release, 2 million people have registered at Vivid entertainment for the pay per view.

How did I get to know all this from?

From the Hindi News website Dainik Bhaskar, one of India’s largest selling Hindi dailies. Other than news and stupid pride in Hindu moral ethics, most of the Hindi news websites show maximum skin – naturally white skin; brown skin for such bigots is as holy as a white cow.

For weeks now they are publishing excerpts from Sheela´s book with photos from Pune One groups.

And their headlines! “Every sannyasin was doing sex 90 times a month, Osho’s PA opens the secret beans.”

Another headline – “In one day, Osho was doing sex with three, made his English attendant pregnant.”

I think not much has changed in the mindset of the Hindi cow belt, other than the newspapers. In 1984, another Hindi paper, Panjab Kesari was running a front page story in their Sunday edition with the title, “God that failed”. I was a young disciple then and people who knew me used to say, “Why did you to go into the trap of such guru?”

I was and still I am very interested in the operating software of the collective mind; thanks to Osho, it is fun to watch how our individual and collective mind functions.

Although I can laugh about the yellow journalism of Dainik Bhaskar (The Sun), they have absolutely gone beyond the limits of decency; therefore through Osho News I condemn their owner and editorial board for such cheap journalism.

Shantam Prem

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