An Indian Sannyasin in the World of German Naturism…


Shantam writes to his countrymen in India about FKK in Germany.

My dilemma is simply too big. As an Indian Osho sannyasin living in Europe, what I want to share with my people in India is just not possible. Maybe the reason is that I cannot follow the straight line. I appreciate things which don’t fit in the usual manner, things which are so simple, so economical, so innocent that the old rotten and rigid minds of patriarchal countries simply freak out.

For example, who is not aware about BMW in India? I know even those who are working to merely survive cherish a secret wish to have, once in their lifetime, something like a BMW!

But I want to talk about FKK.

FKK sign

These three letters represent something which I don´t think will be possible in India unless Lord Shiva himself comes to earth. Otherwise no way.

FKK means Freikörperkultur. In English one can say FBC. It means Free Body Culture.

For example, on any sunny day much of the population will be spending their day near lakes and rivers all around Germany. It is really a challenge for the people in the fashion industry to create the best outfit using a minimum of fabric; I mean new bikini designs year after year.

FKK takes that challenge away. In certain designated areas, people from all age groups will be gathering for the sake of Just Being. Human bodies without wearing a shred of clothing are an almost surreal experience. On a deeper level, it is almost like shedding away the personality with the layers of clothing.

One day, I was counting the people around me. There must have been around 150-200 human beings in that particular FKK area and not an iota of sexuality and sensuality in the air.

I think Asian countries, burdened with suppressed sexuality, would really benefit with this mass experimentation of free body culture. But can this ever be possible?

Some Indian with holy texts in the brain will say, “It is nothing new. We have the Naga Sadhus.”

Hey dude, I just want to know whether you and your wife have stood among them?

Credit of introducing FKK to this Indian does not go to Germany but to the Osho ashram in Pune. Let us be honest with our history, Osho is the only contemporary master who encouraged nudity for spirituality.

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