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Kaiyum reviews Gábor Lenkei’s book and adds valuable comments from his years of practical experience.

Censored Health by Gabor Lenkei ‘Censored health: on the assembly line of the disease industry’

Are you familiar with the wonderful story of the Emperor’s new clothes? It’s one of Hans Christian Andersen’s famous tales; this one appeared in 1837. Here’s a reminder in case you need it.

Imagine, however, a modern version of this tale, one that suits our times. Instead of the Emperor’s clothes we have everything that involves health, including nutrition, medicines, supplements and the concept of ‘sickness’ and ‘disease’. The travelling weavers of Andersen’s tale are replaced by the food and pharmaceutical industries. The court and courtiers are the numerous governmental agencies that buy into (or are bought by!) the weavers’ fantastic story. The credible citizens remain … the credible (perhaps gullible) citizens. And the child who, in all innocence, declares the truth, well, that’s Gábor Lenkei [pronounced Len-kay-ee] and an increasing number of regular doctors, scientists and a broad spectrum of natural and traditional healers and therapists that the court calls ‘alternative’.

Breaking the illusion: health … or increasing illness?

You’ve probably noticed that despite all claims and scientifically based discoveries, the numbers of sick people are in no way declining but are actually on the increase. To take just one example: the number of people with cancer – in all its various forms – is growing. Cancer, in the allopathic definition, is far from being beaten. More and more people are dying from this ‘disease’ or have been given up after their chemo and radiation therapy, with all the debilitating consequences, have not solved the problem.

The number of people suffering from ‘diseases’ such as diabetes is rising. The number of … and so on. And consider this: despite all the facts, information and publicity, the number of overweight people continues, like their excess body-weight, to grow, and this trend is visible at an increasingly earlier age, even among young children.

It should be evident that something is seriously wrong.

Gábor Lenkei…

Gabor Lenkei… gained his medical degree cum laude in 1986 at the Hungarian university of Debrecen. After working for 6 years as a doctor, the low level of effectiveness caused him to turn his back on allopathic medicine. He started looking for causes, for the why of the poor results – and found them. In this easy-to-read, thorough and well-documented book, Lenkei sets out his findings in a way that many will experience as shockingly revealing. Just as in books written by other doctors such as David Servan-Schreiber, you can read an honest review of facts, events and revelations that are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Yet, just as in Andersen’s tale, these truths are hard for the ‘credible citizens’ and the ‘court’ to accept.

Disease? No. Shortages? Yes.

There are many fascinating themes in Lenkei’s book, but perhaps the most interesting theme is one that is central to my own work in traditional health care – davidshealthcheck.com – where I focus on the biochemistry of the body, determine imbalances and explore what is required to restore harmony.

Lenkei provides convincing insights into the myth of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance), a fiction that benefits the pharmaceutical industry that uses lobbying, marketing and PR tactics to influence the price of supplements (in their favour).

Lenkei goes on to reveal the extent to which legislation has been and continues to be influenced by the financial power of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. More and more cases are currently being brought to the attention of the public – but those are still only the top of the iceberg. In many countries, nutritional supplements in any significant dosages are only available on prescription, based on the belief in the validity of the RDA.

Additional research indicates fundamental shortages of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements in modern food. Such shortages are the result of:

  • the consumption of unnatural, foreign and therefore poisonous medicines
  • the denaturing of ingredients used in the food industry
  • fruit and vegetables grown on soil that is exhausted and out of balance due to the use of artificial fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides and the effect of toxic manure from piggeries that is injected into the soil (all of which serve to create produce that is of low quality and low vitality); and
  • meat from animals that have had a horrendous life in appalling conditions, subjected to all sorts of antibiotics, growth hormones and other synthetic drugs.

Lenkei is resolute about the need to include a balanced dose of supplements – vitamins, minerals and trace elements – in every meal.

A note of reserve

Although I definitely support the use of supplements, it is totally clear to me that ‘one size does not fit all’. Each individual needs his/her own tailored package of supplements. Too much of a supplement that one is not short of can be a burden to the body.

On the assembly line of the disease industry …

… is the clear header on the cover of Lenkei’s book. Based on his own experience as a doctor in the health sector and on the extensive research he has done in order to compile this damning book, Lenkei is able to make unequivocally clear the extent to which the whole health care business has simply become an extension of the pharmaceutical industry. Above all, Lenkei describes how the establishment takes far-reaching steps to resist attempts at discovering the truth of ‘the Emperor’s new clothes’.

What you are not allowed to know about your health …

… is the essence of the title of the book. The ‘censure’ that Lenkei writes about is the sum total of actions that keep the man in the street ignorant, gullible, docile and above all, sick. Lenkei provides extensive proof from different angles about how complex and out of balance the whole health care business has become and what power games are being played on the field of your health and wellbeing.

Wide range of sources

Lenkei has done his homework well. My article can in no way do justice to the wealth of incriminating evidence in this book that the public is being consistently and covertly mislead. There are documented statements by world-class authorities, extracts from legal sources, scientific papers, insightful questions and revealing answers, simple explanations of how the body uses nutrients … and so much more! The Appendices provide valuable additional sources of information. Above all, the book is easy to read; Lenkei wants to reach as many people as possible and help them become more aware of how ‘the system’ is undermining their health.

A minor critical comment is that, in order to keep the price down, and so to help reach as many readers as possible, the layout and paper are of an inferior quality. It’s a pity. Such an important message is worthy of packaging that would lend credibility in the eyes of a critical reader.


Reading this book will help you to take matters back into your own hands, to take back the power you’ve given away to allopathic doctors and to start taking steps to improve the quality of your health and vitality.

I dare you to order the book and to read it. To read it, pass it on and share with others what you have learned.

And, if you are one of the many who have already discovered the joys of being responsible for your own health, then Lenkei’s work will support you and confirm the validity of your choice of independence, awareness and correct insight.

The book can be ordered in Dutch and English from www.lenkeiboeken.nl

The book is available as a kindle book: www.amazon.com

Video opn YouTube: Dr Lenkei | Censored Health

Kaiyum (David Bloch), Osho News

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