Guru Purnima at Oshodham


A very happy Guru Purnima celebration unfolded at Oshodham on Sunday, July 21, 2013.

So many people were dancing and meditating in a Buddha Hall almost bursting at the seams! I danced outside with many others because there was not enough space inside the hall. And the weather was so beautiful – only some little showers and the sun hidden behind the clouds – cool! A real master-disciple day with the moon appearing and and disappearing in the clouds during the evening. A lovely breeze helped us celebrate the day along with the many birds and trees dancing in their own way to the beautiful music.

The radiant faces in the slideshow tell of the bliss and joy experienced. A special surprise was the release of the DVD ‘Osho – Ocean of Bliss’, especially created for this day.

Oshodham’s Kirtan group was so vibrant and energetic while Osho’s voice brought serenity and silence. Ravindra Bharti and Dharm Jyoti selected exquisite discourses of the master to take us on the inner journey. When Buddha Hall reverberated with Osho! Osho! Osho! it felt as if Osho’s blessings were showering that very moment.

The food was delectable as always – a healthy celebration feast without spices and fat. The jamun trees (also known as Java Plum; many Hindus regard jamun as a ‘fruit of the gods’) were weighed down with dark purple jamuns and thousands of ripe ones had been collected from the ground and offered in the dining hall during daytime for visitors to enjoy.


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