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…left her body today, 11th August 2013.

From Savita we hear: “American Prem Jeevan, an Osho sannyasin of about 37 years, left her body today, 11 August, 2013. She was 86.”

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Jeevan had such a colourful life that, two years ago, when we had asked her to write her life story and her first meeting with Osho we had to split the story in two. Instead of writing her bio we would rather have you read her stories (again) in her own words:
Jeevan: Life, Love and Laughter – Part 1
Jeevan: Life, Love and Laughter – Part 2

Jeevan was one of our writers and has contributed many insightful articles and innumerable jokes. She also had an avid readership of her daily jokes (her last one was sent out just ten days ago) which many of us will miss.

During her time she spent in Pune she mostly worked as an editor, e.g. for the Osho Times. Her last job was that of audio-checking Osho’s discourses, a job she enjoyed tremendously. For many years she was an anchor point for many newcomers to the Resort, giving practical advice and making people feel welcome. She was also know for singing blues songs on various occasions. Here a taster – her own song:

Another version of the songs can be found here

Savita continues: “Many people have asked how Jeevan left her body. She seems to have left it beautifully…as Garimo put it, “She did it on her own” shortly after Dhyanesh had paid her a visit in the ICU today.

“We were all aware she did not want to hang around if things got bad.

“Six months ago, after she had the bone cancer diagnosis, she had told her beloved acupressure doctor, Yasmeen, that she wasn’t quite ready to go yet, because she “still had some work to do on herself…” But Yasmeen told me that just a couple of weeks ago, Jeevan had told her that “now she was ready.”

“About six days ago, she fractured a vertebra in a fall at home, and now she was laid up in a deluxe room at Inlaks. English Deven was taking very attentive care of all her needs. Many friends were visiting. She was even speaking on her phone – albeit in a muffled voice. But also she was in a lot of pain.

“When I saw her yesterday, she was very lighthearted on painkillers…smiling and willful as always as we carted her off to Ruby Hall for a procedure. Last night Yasmeen visited her in Inlaks and she told me that Jeevan had said to her then, “I’m done.”

“So there you go, she chose her timing, there’s no doubt about that.

“I went to the ICU this afternoon, just after she left, and sat with her body for a while. She was swaddled in white, her eyes open just a wee bit and she looked beautiful and serene. Deven and I laid some marigolds over her white sheet.

“Her timing coincides with the Monsoon Festival at the Osho Resort and the place is buzzing. So we can expect quite a celebration tomorrow when we take her to the ghats for what will be her last journey.”


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AHHH Ma Prem Jeevan! “Love and Life”…. This woman was such a blessing for this Earth! I love what she said in her recent interview about “pain & orgasm”, Orgasmically Ever After. She definitely had her share! When we first met in Geetam and then San Francisco back in 1976, she was living as a gypsy in a VW van. Psychedelic and trippy to the max! I was only 24 and she was in her 40’s, and here she was talking to me about “multiple orgasms”, spirituality, and freedom! We bonded very deeply, as Jeevan was my “model” or “guinea pig” during the Postural Integration course I did with Jack Painter (RIP) in Haight Asbury at this time. Jeevan was my very first person to give 10 sessions of deep touch with, and after touching her, I just assumed that it was normal that folks had orgasms when they went inside and let go of deep tensions! We were both already sannyasins, She was always raving about Osho’s series on the Baul Mystics, called “The Beloved” and that’s just how she lived: singing, dancing, laughing, and pushing “uptight” buttons without even trying! Jeevan is a real “devotee” of the Divine Osho. I know she touched thousands and thousands of hearts over her richer than rich lifetime. She is touching me big time right now, through her passing from this shore, taking me deeper into no-mind and “not knowing”, and even more gratitude to the Master. I’m pretty sure as she was dying, she was feeling a major release and laughing, crying, and singing inside. Her ultimate and greatest Orgasm. I love you a lot Beloved Jee. Thanks for everything you showered on me and the Sangha.

Thank you Jeevan, you lifted my spirit every time we met, and your light was that of a glorious sun, setting into beauty, joy and peace. You never failed to recognize me, although there were not many meetings. And for that I understood it was not of appearances but of soul. Thank You Beautiful One, Rest and Laugh with the Master. Love,

I am so grateful that I met you, long time ago in Pune. You inspire me!

Jeevan, beloved, I am sure your soul is still singing and laughing. We made friends on the houseboats in Kashmir, inquiring about our inner child in DeHypnotherapy. You had such a cheerful and magical child inside you, still well alive in the grown up wise and beautiful woman you were. It’s been an honor to be in your company and presence, and certainly a pleasure, always. I love you,

I do not have many words, but I will keep you in sweet memory. Go with all my love for you.

My pranam to Ma Jeevan, she lived and died joyfully.
Dhyan Gaurav

My beloved friend Jeevan, I laugh and cry, seeing her smiling face… a face I remember from her time in Japan, just when she decided to go to Poona “for good.” We had long talks and moments of laughter then, near Kyoto, in her small room. We met again in the commune, she was singing jazz, working, living behind the German Bakery, happy. I had not seen her for a long time but I didn’t miss her recent juicy interview and I just felt “she is OK now”. So I feel sad, of course, but I understand when she said she was now ready. I believe she was! Watching her send-off celebration on YouTube, I joined with all my heart!

Sheelu shares some mails from Jeevan to Garimo over the last year, expressing her ecstasy and gratitude in her work with the Osho audio-checking project:

September 22, 2012:
Beloved Garimo, I just had to share with you this quote today from #75 of The Book of Secrets, which thrilled me and can be used as a selling point, if one is ever needed for this meditation, audiochecking. Which it is not, of course, for me. I am in ecstasy during all of these sessions with Osho!

“You are here listening to me. This very listening can become a transformation. If you are entirely here, this very moment here and now, if your entirety is listening, that listening will become a meditation: you will enter a different realm of ecstasy, a separate reality.”

June 15, 2013:
As usual I enjoyed very much these discourses and am sorry they are finished because it means there are no more for me to do! But perhaps you will find other work for me now. I certainly hope so.

June 19, 2013:
Goody that you found Osho work for me! How I love to hear his voice and what he tells me! Whoopee! Thank you, beloved Garimo, for your filling my Osho life so fully!

July, 5, 2013:
I finished the first 5 discourses of the Zen book and wondered if you wanted me to send you them – or should I just carry on with the rest. As usual, I’m enjoying them so much.

Missing you here in Pune…. Fly High, Beloved!

What a joyous person with a great heart and a great sense of humour. It was a privilege to know her.
Gyan Sourabh

Jeevan is always present in my thoughts, and I always call upon her when I need a cab, as she insisted that she had a ‘taxi fairy’ who helped her find cabs and rickshaws. She used to carry with her an army whistle which could be heard a kilometre away, and used it to stop rickshaws in Pune. She gave me one too, but when I used it, the cab drivers in Mumbai thought it was the police and ran away instead of stopping!

Jeevan and I became very close friends, and although she was old enough to be my mom, she used to call me ‘Mom’ because I taught her to cook all over again, over the telephone!

How we met: I used to see this old lady, with a cup of coffee sitting alone under a tree, at the Poona Music Society Classical Music Concerts. Once I offered her a lift up to my place on Boat Club Road, and she took a rickshaw from there up to her flat in Koregaon Park. On the way, we shared our great love for music, and I told her about the Music Appreciation classes that were being held at the music school in Pune. From then on, we were the most regular ‘students’ of the class. The class was actually started for the young music students of Pune, but we were younger at heart, and far more knowledgeable… and thus began a wonderful friendship.

We always dined out together after each concert, and she was a most entertaining conversationalist, and her eyes had a light in them! However, she could not overcome her hot temper, and became a bit jealous (like a child), if I spoke to or gave attention to a third person.

She had lived for 30 years in Pune, but no one had ever invited her into their home, as I had, and so she became very much a part of my family; my two children always enjoyed her company and were amazed at her energy and love of singing and dancing at her age! She was a born performer, and last performed with her son at the Osho Ashram.

The amazing thing about her was that she was so tech savvy, and learned things which even I don’t do. She learned to use the mobile, and the internet, and became a blogger, and went on facebook etc. and always took up a challenge to learn new things.

Being with me, she changed her appearance, took more care about the way she dressed, and became quite a different person in many ways.

When I was in Bombay, I got a call from her at midnight: “Feroza, I have fallen down, and am in great pain!” I asked her what could I do from far away. Then I called my Acupuncture Doctor Yasmin, who rushed to Jeevan’s house and got her admitted into the Jehangir hospital at 2 a.m.! Jeevan became very weak, and couldn’t bear the pain, she asked me if I would attend her funeral. I could not, but my doctor attended on my behalf, and sang and danced with the sannyasins all the way to the crematorium.

Jeevan always told me that she was well prepared for her death, and had made peace with all her 4 children. She was really one wild mother! I met one of her sons, when he visited her in Pune.

Souls like Jeevan never die, as they live on in our memories, ever smiling, ever ready to help… and she left a wonderful friend behind from across the seas… Samma… who continuously sends me such wonderful emails, which are highly appreciated by my friends from all over the world, especially my good pianist friend Alan Kogosowski from Melbourne. (Do look him up on YouTube!)

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