Paraprem French


…left his body on 16th August 2013

“Paraprem French” is the name he chose on Facebook and we were alerted of his passing through the same media. Although he was always around – in all the communes – and because of his considerable height he was quite visible, not much was known about him or his past. We found out that he took sannyas on 1st August 1978, that he was from France (a ‘pied noir’ with origins in Algeria – as many of our French sannyasins were), that he was a beekeeper and often brought honey and propolis all the way to Pune, and… he used to make delicious bread every morning in the commune. After the Ranch he lived in France and from 1985 till 1995 he often visited Japan where he made many friends who remember him to this day.

Kavisho writes: Paraprem had a cancer many years ago, which almost healed, but then suddenly it came back and propagated fast. Right now I have no words to talk about him, I just feel his gentleness, his big love, his generosity and the lightness of his being. He will be missed.

And Bija informs us that Paraprem’s death celebration will take place Monday morning, 19th August in the South of France.

Read what Osho says to him during his sannyas darshan: Fall in Love with the Transcendental







Paraprem with Naomi

Paraprem with Naomi enjoying the roses

Paraprem, Bija and friend

Paraprem with Bija and Naomi, July 2012

Paraprem and Bija

Paraprem with Bija, eating alu gobi and chapatis, 2012

Paraprem as a kid

Paraprem as a kid (far right)

Paraprem with flowers

Paraprem with flowers


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What a great guy! We’ll always have him in our hearts. With love,
Pradeepa & Shunya

Paraprem, we all will miss your gentleness. I am saddened by the news that you left already. Far too soon. To me you were a large piece of the Sangha-puzzle. I remember you so well. May the after-life be kind to you. See you there!

Wow, such a loving guy! Our hearts met at Geetam in California and now forever!
Dutch Johan (living in Italy)

Beloved Paraprem, bon voyage & may all love surround you. I like to remember you as an ‘outstanding’ gentle guy who somehow always was around,

Was saddened to hear of Paraprem’s death. We were room mates at the Ranch. And he was one of the gentlest, most accepting people I have known. Bon Voyage, dear friend!

Your sweet and loving presence will continue to be felt, now, as always. Sending love from Kaveen and me,

Goodbye Paraprem, you were a real sweetheart. Much love and light on your journey,

We also met for the first time in Geetam. Since then we saw each other every year in Poona 2. What a gentle, lovely guy you have been, Paraprem. Mukti and I also remember that we often received propolis from you, the main healing protection we always got for our health. Thanks, Paraprem, hope your journey will be peaceful as you deserve. Love,

Beloved Paraprem, knowing you since Poona 1 has been a privilege. Always sweet, sometimes funny. I feel you in my heart where your memory will live forever. Another reminder to me to Be Here Now, & jump into the unknown while I am in this body. With so much love,

Yes, I remember this beautiful man, always around the commune, a very lovely swami. Much love,

Beloved Paraprem, Oh! Wings of Love to you my friend. I did not ‘know’ you but always felt you all around the place in Poona. I know you deeply somehow – and what a love and lovely vibration and energy. I am not surprised you melted into the Big Holy – you carried it with you whenever I saw or felt you. Much love, my friend. Much love. And Aloha,

Bon voyage, Paraprem! I remember so well your good propolis that you brought to Poona. It came from your French bees and it healed the throat so well! Thank you for this beautiful natural gift! You were so much in love with nature! May you be in peace! Sending you love!

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