Ma Anand Hope


…left her body on 4th August

Ma Anand Hope Gollan

From Surya, her daughter, we hear:

“Ma Anand Hope (Hope Gollan) took sannyas in 1979 and started a centre called Navayuga in Newcastle, Australia shortly after. She ran meditation and esoteric healing groups (with lots and lots of dancing) right up until the last 7 years of her life.

“Hope had a funeral in a regular funeral parlour and I can tell you that even within this environment you can still make a great celebration. She was laid out in an open coffin draped in her favourite hand woven shawl from the Poona 1 weaving shop and surrounded with sweet peas. Even relatives and friends who said they would never look at a dead person, looked and found it very moving and important for them. We read Rumi and her grandsons carried her out to ‘Dancing Queen’ – which she was.”

And from Nishakar (aka Kalimba):

“I’d like to share one anecdote with you guys from my time at Navayuga.

“Ma Anand Hope contacted one of the nearby prisons, and offered to conduct a weekly meditation for any inmates who might be interested. The idea was readily accepted, but Hope was told it would be too risky for a woman to run something like that in a men’s prison, so she asked me to go in her stead, to which I happily agreed.

“As the prison was high security, it was decided that Dynamic Meditation would be the most effective, to help the guys release some of their more serious tension. On the first day I had to briefly explain to one of the guards (who were going to be standing outside) the sequence of the meditation. First, the forced heavy breathing; then I explained that ten minutes of catharsis would follow, probably with intense screaming and shouting – but urged them not to open the door “even if it sounded like someone was being murdered….!” (It was only later that I realised the full significance of what I said! Some of the guys dropped out along the way, but a handful completed the 8 week course – and one gave me a salad bowl he had carved by hand as a “thank you”.

“It was quite touching. Sharing the love.”


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Our beautiful mother passed away on 4th August 2013. A precious gift to share sannyas and Osho with you.
Love, light and blessings,
Ma Prem Samyo and Ma Prem Surya

Much love on your next journey, Hope, my grandmother. xxxooo

It was with great sadness I read of the passing of Ma Anand Hope in Osho News – particularly as it happened exactly one week after my birthday. I was fortunate enough to have spent quality time with her and her beautiful daughter Samyo for a while, helping them set up the Navayuga Centre, in Hunter Street. It was wonderful to hear that she was still positive, strong and creative to the last, and I know her energy will be sorely missed. I’m just sorry I live so far away (in WA) as I would have loved to have been able to pay my respects in person. Sharing his love. Om Shanti,

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