A Unique Planet


This is a unique planet, very small.

In this immense universe, which knows no limits, this small earth is unique – unique because birds sing here, flowers blossom here, life has reached a new level: consciousness. And in a few people consciousness has touched its omega point: enlightenment.

Osho RP

Compared to this earth, the whole universe is dead. It is big, vast, but even a rose flower is far more valuable than the biggest stars. Anybody who wants to destroy this earth wants to destroy something unique that is evolving. And it has taken millennia to come to this state of consciousness. Even if only a few people have attained to ultimate bliss and ecstasy, that is enough to make this earth the greatest treasure.

It is very small – the sun is sixty thousand times bigger than the earth. And this sun is a very mediocre one; there are very big suns that you see as stars. There are millions of solar systems, but no solar system can claim a Gautam Buddha, a Lao Tzu, a Bodhidharma, a Kabir. This earth has done something immensely great, it has made the whole universe rich. It cannot be destroyed.

War should be stopped – and it is within our hands to do so. Don’t be only a spectator. Rather than just remaining in your misery, start finding sources of life and mystery within yourself.

Osho, From Bondage to Freedom, Ch 30, Q 2 (excerpt)

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