Milarepa on Tour in the US – 2013


Meditation and Music hand in hand – as always…

Milarepa and his OneSky Band will start their tour in Atlanta, Ga (27-29 Sept), followed by Dallas (4-6 Oct), Chicago (11-13 Oct), climaxing at the Festival of Meditation and Celebration in New York (18-20 Oct), organised by Satya Priya.

We are quite inspired by Priya’s newsletter, her words reminding us again and again about the importance of meditating in a group. What she says is not only an invitation to come to the event she is organising but to all meditation events and festivals which sannyasins are setting up all over the world.

OneSky Band


Recently while having coffee with friends after Saturday morning Dynamic Meditation in the West Village, New York City, we were discussing the Evening Meeting Meditation that happens in the Osho Resort, India.

Someone noted how Osho considers it the most important meditation of the day because it is the only time where work totally stops and the entire community comes together to meditate. It was a good reminder to hear this. Obviously, Osho considers this coming together important.

Still high from my energetic meditation that morning with the friends, I understood his insight. Coming together to meditate makes a difference. Coming together makes meditation more effective, its experience more powerful and nourishing than when doing alone. Coming together also makes it fun and easy especially Dynamic Meditation! Coming together, one can say, makes meditation a celebration.

I see the upcoming New York event as something similar. It is always a grand coming-together, an opportunity to dive totally into oneself and be nourished by silence. It is also an opportunity to celebrate one’s meditation – singing, dancing, opening the heart, laughing, crying, relaxing, letting-go – while being supported by the music and beautiful, natural ambience of The Abode venue.

It doesn’t matter which universe each of us will be coming from, living and working as we all do in the world. For these precious few days we put aside busy routines, the mind, pool our energies and give ourselves the most precious gift possible: meditation with all the many blessings it brings.

I want to personally encourage everyone to come this year. Such events are rare and don’t come around so often. They remind us that life can indeed be a celebration. Such opportunities should not to be missed or taken for granted. Because who knows about the future, the next year, or even the next moment?

This year marks sixteen consecutive years of the event. I mean, how amazing is this? By our coming together, we all make it possible. We give the event as a gift to ourselves. But we also take an opportunity to invite others, bring friends, or anyone we know who might be interested in the transformation this event makes possible. Meditation can be a beautiful thing to share with those you care about and love.

There is [Milarepa’s] super band line-up on the way with Chandira (bass), Teerth (drums), and Ashik as special guest with his magic violin.

Their tour starts next week in Atlanta, then on to Dallas, Chicago, and finally … New York!

So see you soon!

Satya Priya

Atlanta, Ga (27-29 Sept)
Dallas (4-6 Oct)
Chicago (11-13 Oct)
New York (18-20 Oct)

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