Mega-Retreat in Haridwar


Arun leads the meditations and the sannyas celebration.

‘Glimpses of Meditation’ was the title of the meditation camp held at the Patanjali Yog Peeth (Yoga Guru Ramdev’s ashram) in Haridwar near Dehradun. The meditations and the sannyas celebration were led by Arun from the Tapoban Centre in Nepal.

It was probably one of the largest residential Osho meditation retreats in a long time, with 1800 participants from all over India and Nepal. 164 friends took sannyas.

The sprawling campus of Baba Ramdev’s ashram Patanjali Yogpeeth Phase II in Haridwar was a unique sight for four days (19-22nd September) as more than 1800 Osho sannyasins and lovers gathered to participate in a 3-day Osho meditation mega-retreat conducted by Arun of Osho Tapoban in which a whopping number 164 newbies also took intiation into Osho neo-sannyas.

After Osho left his body this was the first time that a residential meditation camp of such a large gathering was organised, where so many sannyasins celebrated, meditated and ate under the same roof. The sight of thousands of maroon clad people spread across the campus turned the modern Yoga ashram into an Osho commune that reminded us of Rajneeshpuram in America.

The event was organised through the joint initiative of Osho Tapoban and Patanjali Yogpeeth. Because Baba Ramdev, the founder of Patanjali, was on a visit to the States, the retreat was inaugurated and concluded by Acharya Balkrishna who heads all institutions founded by him.

Speaking on the final day of the camp, Acharya Balkrishna said, “When we inivited Swami Arun to organise a meditation camp in Patanjali, many were surprised that we were organising an Osho event in our ashram. But although we are from different schools, our destination is the same and we are very happy that such a large meditation programme could be organised in our premises and that such a beautiful sannyas celebration happened here. We invite him to organise further events here again.”

Different Osho meditation techniques were practised during the day and in the evenings Arun shared his experiences with our master, a talk which concluded every day with a sannyas celebration.

Arun had come to Haridwar directly from Russia where he had facilitated various meditation retreats. There he had initiated 66 participants into sannyas. Arun is looking forward to similar retreats in the near future, in which thousands of Osho lovers can again come together to meditate and celebrate.

Report by Neerav

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