Giten’s Yahoo-Account Closed

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Dhyan Giten’s official Yahoo-account since 10 years has been closed by Yahoo for no reason given.

With reference to our article Stop Censorship of Esoterica and Spirituality, in which we reported about the UK’s move to censor spiritual sites on the internet, we have been informed by Dhyan Giten about his personal harassment by Yahoo:

In his Newsletter for January 2013, Giten criticized the endless wars in the world. This article was also sent to President Obama. A couple of weeks later, the American company Yahoo closed Giten’s official Yahoo-mail which he had since 10 years. Despite 3 complaints to Yahoo and 3 complaints against Yahoo to ISPA, The Internet Service Providers Association, Yahoo still refuses to explain the reason for this to this day.

Read i-Newswire’s press release on this issue of January 30, 2013

Avaaz has now circulated a letter about the closure of Giten’s Yahoo-mail account and added:

• Washington Post revealed earlier that the large American Internet companies Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Skype are tools for Internet surveillance for the American intelligence agencies CIA and NSA.

• Facebook and Google are also members of the Bilderberg group, whose aim is to create a global dictatorship and a global electronic police state. The directors of CIA, NSA and NATO is at attendance at Bilderberg’s annual meeting.

Now the UK wants to censor spiritual sites on Internet in the disguise of censoring pornography. About 15,500 concerned people have already signed the petition ‘Stop Censorship of Esoterica and Spirituality’:

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