Sugar and Fiat Currencies have a Lot in Common


Grahi shows the connections between sugar and money.


Fiat currency

Fiat currency is money that is not backed by anything. Hard money on the other hand, may be backed by gold, silver, land or other resources. Fiat currency is no more than a piece of paper and a government’s promise. Every government in the world today uses fiat currencies because they can create them at will, use them as a form of hidden taxation on every person, and use them to inflate away government debts. The printing of fiat currency grows consumption exponentially.


Today, sugar is added to almost every food product you can buy in a supermarket. But did you know that sugar is one of the primary causes of cancer and other diseases? Sugar, contrary to popular belief, is not primarily a biological ‘fuel’. Instead, it is a material for growth. Sugars can be produced freely by any photosynthetic organism, however small and simple. It is a biological ‘fiat’ that continues to grow with no end in sight.

Both sugar and fiat currencies taste good and appeal to the unthinking masses. They are so cheap and easily available that most people and governments consume them in excess.


Today, a large majority of people in the Western world are addicted to the fleeting ‘benefits’ of both sugar and fiat currencies. Addiction is defined as something in excess, out of control, and often with harmful or even disastrous effects. Another characteristic of addiction is that the addicted person is in denial – they refuse to acknowledge that they are addicted, until the consequences of the addiction are so blatantly obvious and painful that they have to admit something is wrong. Even then they may be full of explanations and excuses.

People feel entitled to more and more sugar and money. Our leaders are obsessed with economic growth. Fiat currency is the sugar of our economy. It is produced cheaply and thoughtlessly in a kind of central bank photosynthesis. Economies grow unconstrained when fiat currency becomes the ‘sugar’ of the system. This is the unsustainable character of the cancer cell and it leads to death of the larger organism.


What is playing out in human history is insanity at several levels. Governments print vast amounts of fiat currency in the hope that it will ‘fuel’ the economy. Huge debts build up. Resources are misallocated. The economic equivalents of obesity, diabetes, depression, low energy and digestive problems are quite striking.

At an individual level, most people are suffering from one or more diseases of excess sugar such as obesity, diabetes, digestive problems, cancers, low energy and many others. Economic excess fills their lives with striving for excessive possessions, high-status cars, designer houses and clothes, electronic gizmos and other unnecessary junk, mindless consumption, illusory luxury, power and prestige.

Obsessive compulsive economic growth and cancers are both life-threatening if we don’t see them for what they are.

The one kind of cancer is usually treated, not very successfully, with surgery, pharmaceutical drugs, or radiation. The other kind of cancer, equally life-threatening, is treated with job-loss, repossession, bankruptcy or eviction. The alternative is to eliminate both these sugars from your life.

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