I Was Taken Away


A poem by Ageh Bharti

Ne’er was a day, so graceful
As one, when i was at the bank of Narmada
Looking at the musical waterfall
And then, its fast running away;
The starry moonlit night
Would dance in its silvery garment – so transparent,
The silence of solitude, would sing the songs of divinity,
The hilly cool breeze would kiss my soul,
Really, i was taken away!

Narmada River Waterfalls

Ne’er was so a blissful hour
As one, when i was at the feet of my beloved bhagwan;
My sorrows, sufferings, failures, despair,
All were dissolved,
Ego melted,
Only an emptiness remained
Experiencing the ecstasy!

 a b 28th January 1973


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