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Latest events endangering Fukushima and the entire world, and how to understand the deeper implications of catastrophes, as well as good and evil.

In the early morning hours today (26.10.2013), a 7.3 strong earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, about 290 kilometres East of Fukushima. A 1 meter tsunami alert for a long stretch of Japan’s north-east coast was posted and there have been several aftershocks recorded. The tremor was also felt in Tokyo, about 480 kilometres South of Fukushima.

Quake Fukushima

There have been reports saying that workers had been evacuated from the stricken nuclear power plant to higher ground.

Earthquakes in the region have been continuous since the Fukushima reactors were damaged in March 2011 by an earthquake and huge tsunami. Since then, most of Japan’s nuclear reactors have remained shut off, amid impassioned debate over nuclear energy. However, the radiation has been leaking most of the time and has poisoned the Pacific Ocean’s water and sea life. The result of the attempts to keep the reactors’ radiation under control are questionable and the area keeps being eroded by more earthquakes and typhoons.

The Japanese Government is not forthcoming with solutions but rather, many facts are not made available to the public. Dr. Masaru Emoto of water wisdom fame has been tirelessly active since the calamity began and just a few days ago published the article to help the children of Fukushima.

In view of the latest quakes, there is much chatter and well-meant encouragement on Facebook for people to gather at specific hours to send positive loving healing energy to Fukushima – to the people, ocean life, and the reactors. There are suggestions about talking to microbes who can eat radiation and to direct them to eat the radiation in the Pacific. Alas this suggestion is a bit too simplistic because although microbes exist that eat radioactive matter, they do not destroy radiation but simply concentrate it into a form that may be more easily handled.

The question is: can the output of positive energy turn around negative results from a man-made or natural disaster? In spite of a lot of research, I haven’t found a satisfying answer on this topic although I would have loved to see some proof.

However, in a discourse Osho speaks on a sutra by Lao Tzu about natural catastrophes as well as on good and evil judgements in a way that allows us a much vaster understanding:

Our difficulty is that we place ourselves in the centre of the universe and consider that to be good which is in our favour and that to be evil which is not in our favour. But we do not think that that which is the cause of benefit to us is a cause for injury also. If the cause is to be removed, then both the evil and good that occur through it will stop.

If the rivers do not carry water, there shall be no floods; and if fire becomes cold, no house will burn. But then do you not realise that together with this, all life will get cold? Both things happen together. Therefore, when we accept one thing, we have to accept the unfavourable side of it also. He who does not is unwise, childish….

Osho, The Way of Tao, Vol 2, Ch 7, Q 5

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