Ice Puddle Puzzle


A poem/scientific enquiry by Rajen

I was out for a walk Christmas Day
– In the Black Forest – literally….
It was about minus 3deg – has been below zero for a week or so
Lots of ice around

Came across some small frozen pools on the ground
One was where a tractor had been – because of the tracks
So the indentation was deeper …

It looked strange
As mostly the “pools” on the ground were frosty all over
But this one had clear patches and in a circular pattern
See attached drawing

Ice puzzle by Rajen

I broke the surface to discover it was mostly empty
Just a thin layer of ice over the top but with solid pillars of ice in-between
The water somehow had drained away
– But how? (or why?)
There was no obvious channel out of the pool area…
Maybe it had soaked into the ground – but then why selectively?

OK so Im puzzling as to what happened
– If your interest is aroused too…
Then have a think and let me know what you make of this puzzling phenomenon

“Solutions” in an email please
And I am open to answering any questions you may have

Happy holidays!

This poem/scientific enquiry was sent by Rajen in an email to Dhyan John. Download the PDF file of the drawing.

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