The Shopping Trip


An English woman marries an Italian and they decide to live in Rome.

Although she cannot speak much Italian, she manages to communicate with her husband. However, problems always arise whenever she goes out shopping.

One day, she goes to the butchers to buy some chicken legs, but she doesn’t know how to ask for them. In desperation, she lifts up her skirt and shows him her thighs. The butcher gets the message and she leaves with chicken legs.

The next day she needs some chicken breasts. Again, she can’t describe in words what she needs to buy, so she unbuttons her blouse and shows the butcher her breasts. Again, she gets what she wants.

On the third day she goes out to buy some sausages. She brings her husband to the butcher shop and…

So what does she do?




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What were you thinking? Her husband speaks Italian.

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