I Am Enough


A random thought by Sandesh Sam Weinstein and dedicated to those that have found a truth and can truly say about themselves “I am Enough.”

I am enough

In a moment of mindfulness
I stepped out of my shower
feeling the cool water against my skin
after a day of 37C heat.
As I stood naked in my bedroom
I looked at my nightstand
and felt a burst of freedom
and a fresh breath of air.

In front of me I saw a wooden necklace
with a round locket holding.
A Man that never was
or at least a likeness
that tried to capture him
this Osho Man.
One who they called Bhagwan.

In this moment it comes to me.
YES it is so unbelievable
that I was so destined to walk this journey
both miraculous and weird
and occasionally a bit dark.

A burst of light and I see any journey,
any adventure has its dangerous bits
or scary hurdles to climb or jump over.
It’s just part of what a Guru, a Sage can offer
perhaps I shall say Share with a seeker on the path.

Fireworks in my face
this journey did not end
JUST because I thought I had left it behind.
No this path, this guru it is only just beginning,
no matter how clever I thought
I had been in running away.

Shall I laugh or cry.
No I think I shall dance,
naked and wet in the heat
I dance and bathe in my own strength
and sense of self and that Now “I am Enough.”


Prem SandeshPrem Sandesh (aka Sam) visited Pune in 1977, at age 16. He worked at Weikfield Dormitory and made friends with Mataji. In early Rajneeshpuram days he lived in the old barn and ran the old gas station until Neehar showed him the chicken coop, which became part of his farm work. Later he became Mataji’s driver and escort to B-site where he helped with the peacocks. He lives in Western Australia with his two sons and beloved Shital. They run a Yoga school, work with Breath and Transformation and manage a charity supporting families to raise kids in a conscious way. www.homeofyoga.com – www.thefamilynurturingcentre.org

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