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By IPS Yadav, India Aaj Tak News, India, December 18, 2013


Is Pune police (PP) tightening screw on Osho International Foundation (OIF) Pune? who produced Osho’s will which found fake & forged as Osho never left any will testament or copyright over his intellectual property or PP is escorting the all 6 accused. Osho’s old sanyasin Swami Arun of Osho Tapoban, Nepal reveals this in his letter, he demanded an independent CBI inquiry to investigate this matter. He also urged that Osho’s spiritual teachings instituted at OIF Pune or anywhere else in the world must be accessible to all at large. IPS Yadav takes an open and deep look into the broad matter:

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Mumbai: “OSHO Never Born Never Died Only Visited This Planet Earth Between 11 December 1931 And 19 January 1990.” Now it seems difficult to believe whether this famous phrase of golden lines embossed on Osho Samadhi at Pune ashram would ever in future be available for Osho lovers or not? First we heard of Osho Samadhi was removed from Pune Osho ashram few years back and now a matter of Osho’s fake signature has made media headlines.

According to a FIR bearing No. 149/ 13 dated 8th Dec. 2013 registered with Koregaon Park Police Station, Pune against six persons all are from OIF are 1. Mr Michale Byrne (O’Byrne) alias Swami Anand Jayesh 2. Mr. D’Arcy O’Byrne alias Swami Yogendra 3. Mr Philip Toelkes alias Prem Niren 4. Dr. John Andrews, alias Swami Amrito 5. Mr. Mukesh Kantilal Sarda alias Swami Mukesh Bharti 6. Mr. Klaus Steeg alias Pramod. The all said accused are charged with IPC 465, 467, 471 and 120-B. which is a serious and non-bailable offense for committing forgery of a valuable security, Will or authority to make or transfer any valuable security or to receive any money, etc; and using the forge document as genuine. While according to Osho’s close aids Osho never left any ‘copyright’ or ‘will’ as claimed by some so called Osho heirs. Osho’s so called ‘will’ produced by Osho International Foundation is already proved fake & forged in India as well as abroad.

Osho’s renowned sannyasin Swami Arun who conducts Tapoban Osho ashram in Nepal reacting to the news, claimed that the so called Osho’s ‘will’ produced by Osho International Foundation in Spain has been officially proven ‘forged’ by two graphological investigations carried out in Europe and India during a trademark dispute claiming their sole ownership over Osho’s property rights including his intellectual property. The reports clearly indicate that Osho’s signature on this document is false and has been executed by means of a photographic montage and was copied from Osho’s handwritten letter in 1976 through counterfeiting techniques. (Links to all the expert’s reports and FIR complaint are publicly available online).

He further said, “We are all aware that since Osho left his body in 1990, few individuals who have falsely claimed to be Osho’s heir and the organization established by them, ‘Osho International Foundation’ (OIF) has harassed and tortured Osho disciples all around the world in the name of fabricated copyrights and trademark. Following which many Osho centers and ashrams were closed globally and his disciples willing to work for Osho were harassed and threatened through heavy royalties that had to be paid to OIF.”

“While YouTube and FaceBook on the internet are good mediums today to spread a master’s vision, OIF forcefully closed all the accounts that shared Osho’s video and audio in the name of copyrights. Osho Tapoban has always been against these heinous acts of OIF and has from the very beginning been taking its stand that Osho never left a copyright or will to anyone. The recent forged will produced by OIF also proves this fact.”

Swami Arun stated his concern further, “Even after the filing of the FIR for such a serious offense, apart from regular official formality no strict action has been taken so far against those accused. We demand, prompt action must be taken and transparency be shown by authorities in this matter. This case demands utmost attention of the authorities as it is directly connected with the spiritual sentiments of millions of Osho disciples and lovers in India and worldwide who are demanding for justice and at stake is a great spiritual legacy left by an enlightened master of our age.”

“We would like to bring this to the attention of all media and concerned authorities that this case involves priceless legacy of Osho’s intellectual property, the immovable property of the Osho Ashram in Pune worth about 1500 crores and millions of dollar worth royalty collected through Osho’s books around the world which are being transferred to private bank accounts in the West.” He appealed.

He also requested all responsible citizens and media to rightly bring this fact in public and help reinstate Osho’s heritage and make it accessible to all at large, “We demand an independent CBI inquiry to investigate this matter and bring the culprits to justice; reinstate the purity and the spiritual sanctity of the ashram and also bring back all of Osho’s heritage including his valuable artwork, his personal articles and the money which have been taken away outside India and we want the Government of India should intervene in this matter as soon as possible.”

This report is referred and accompanied with these documents available online:
FIR complaint filed in Pune Police
Forged will of OIF
Graphological report from Italy
Graphological report from India
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