Voyages — 21 December 2013

…left his body on 19th December 2013.

Achyut Bodhisatwa

Achyut Bodhisatva was born on 18 December 1931. His family belonged to the same Jaina tradition as Osho and, in 1966, his spiritual quest brought him to Osho. He took sannyas and received the name Sadhu Achyut Bodhisatva in 1971, at a meditation camp in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan. He devotedly lived a sannyas life and in 1975 he was given sannyas again and called Swami Achyut Bodhisatva.

Achyut Bodhisatva left his body on 19 December 2013 at 11:40am in the presence of his wife Sushila and his five children; daughters Surekha and Nanda, and sons Sumati, Nitin and Manoj who are also all Osho sannyasins. Some family members have been living in Pune for years and are often seen at the Resort.

The body was cremated the same day at the burning ghats.

Text thanks to Chetna and Manoj

Achyut Bodhisatwa cremation


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