The Laughter Blues

Music Topic: Laughter

Kalyan shares with us a unique track! Enjoy!

My sister frequently gives lectures to teachers, who often arrive to the events with tired faces; one day she asked me if I had an idea how she could change thjis situation and I thought of recording a song for her. I had the idea to contrast blues (which is often perceived as an expression of sadness or pain) with cheerfulness, e.g lots of laughter! Inevitably, when she tried it out the first time, everybody in the hall cracked up, relaxed and loosened up – as my sister and I do each time we meet and think of this ‘trick’ of ours. She now inevitably uses this song during her lectures with continuing success.

Kalyan laughing

Kalyan was born in Switzerland and began learning the cello at age eight. As a teenager he learned guitar and bass and soon had his first school band. He took sannyas in Pune 1 and dedicated himself fully to music when he left a boring job at a bank in 1987 to live in India. He explored the huge range of Indian instruments and discovered in particular through the rudraveena a new approach to music, which he calls Musicality. He is a multi-instrumentalist and currently lives in Quebec.

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