You come with motivation


Q: I have heard sannyasins say that they are with you for some benefit to them. They have a motivation of enlightenment or something likewise. But I do not have any thoughts of enlightenment or any benefit which I may get by being with you. I just love to be in your presence without any motivation whatsoever. Please comment.


Then why are you asking? In your question there is a motivation. You want me to say, ‘Good boy. You are absolutely right. It is you who are going to obtain enlightenment and not the others, because you have no motivation.’ This is the motivation in asking the question!

But remember, you cannot deceive me. Your words cannot deceive me. Your words cannot hide the motivation. Why are you asking me to comment? If you are really enjoying being here, no comment is needed. If you are really in love with me, it is enough – nothing else is needed. In love there is no question, it is a non-questioning attitude.

But you want me to say, ‘This is the true way. You are on the right track. Soon enlightenment is going to happen to you and others who are here with motivation are going to miss.’

Let me tell you an anecdote.

A Jewish couple found themselves in Florida unable to find a room in a hotel. The only place left to stay in was a hotel that was notorious in its policy of not allowing Jews.

The husband turned to his wife and said, ‘Becky, you keep your big mouth shut; not one word is to come from your lips. Leave it to me. You’ll see, I’ll talk good English, the man at the desk will never know and we’ll get a room.’

Sure enough, they walk up to the desk, Dave asks for a room, the hotel clerk gives them the key to the room, and they are set.

Becky says, ‘Dave, it’s so hot, maybe we can go down to the pool for a swim?’

Dave says, ‘Okay, but, remember, not one word is to fall from your mouth.’

They walk down to the cabanas. Dave signals the cabana boy and he sets up chairs and towels for them.

Becky turns to Dave and asks, ‘Now can I go into the pool?’

He answers, ‘Okay, but remember not a syllable must you utter.’

Becky goes over to the edge of the pool and sticks one toe into the water, which is icy cold, and before she realises what she is doing, she yells, ‘Oy vay!’ whereupon everyone at the pool turns on her. Without blinking an eye she adds, ‘Whatever that means.’

But you cannot deceive. Howsoever you put it, it will show. Motivation is a thing you cannot hide. There is no way to hide it; there is no language to hide it. Motivation simply shows.

Always remember
one thing:
never feel guilty
about anything.

Now, let me tell you this. This motivation may not be very conscious to you, you may not be very aware of it, but it is there. And I am not saying that something is wrong in it, I am not trying to make you guilty about it. Always remember one thing: never feel guilty about anything.

It is natural to come with a motivation, nothing is wrong in it. It is absolutely natural to come with a motivation, otherwise how else will you come? Without motivation, only a madman can come here. Without motivation, how can you come? You must have some motivation to learn meditation, to have a more silent life, to learn about love, to have more loving relationships, to know what this life is all about, to know what death is, to know if there is something beyond death. Without motivation you cannot come to me.

So I accept it absolutely and you have to accept it – you have come to me with motivation.

It is my work here to help you to drop the motivation. You come with motivation – that’s your work, without it you cannot come. Then starts my work: to help you to drop the motivation. Motivation brings you close to me but then motivation itself becomes the obstacle. You have to come with a motivation and then you have to learn to drop it. And when you drop it, suddenly you are not only close to me, you are one with me – because closeness is still a distance. In closeness also there is a distance. Howsoever close you are, you are distant. The real closeness is only when all distance and all closeness disappears – you are simply one with me, I am one with you; when we only appear as two, but we are not.

Become conscious of your motivation in asking this question and that will help you to drop it. Consciousness helps you to drop it. Anything you become conscious about starts slipping out of your hands. You cannot cling consciously, you cannot be angry consciously, you cannot be greedy consciously, you cannot be motivated consciously.

Consciousness is such a mutation, it brings so much light into your being that darkness simply disappears.

So the only thing to remember is: don’t be worried about others’ motivations, that is none of your business. If they are motivated, they will suffer for it, they will create their own hell. You simply don’t be concerned with it, you simply go on looking at your own motivations, you simply go on penetrating deeper and deeper into why you are here.

And never feel guilty if you have found a motivation. If you come across a motivation, it is natural. But when I say it is natural, I don’t mean that it has to be there forever and ever. It is natural but it has to go. When it goes, something super-natural starts happening. If you are not aware about it and if you go on hiding it, then it will never go.

Whenever you start seeing
something in somebody else,
remember it as a message.

And this may be a trick of the mind – looking for motivation in others. You may be using others as scapegoats. It is one of the great psychological truths about the human mind that whatsoever you want to hide within yourself you start projecting onto others. Whenever you start seeing something in somebody else, remember it as a message. Go immediately withinwards – it must be there. The other is functioning only as a screen. When you see anger in others, go and dig within yourself and you will find it there; when you see too much ego in others, just go inside and you will find ego sitting there. The inside functions like a projector; others become screens and you start seeing films on others which are really your own tapes.

Osho, The Art of Dying, Ch 8, Q 5

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