Anand Jaap


…left his body on 1st January 2014.

Jaap was born on 10 January 1945 and died on 1st January 2014 during a car accident.

Anand Jaap

He was involved in the same accident as Shanti Gerard which occurred after a New Year’s party in Loosdrecht, Holland. From the four passengers two survived, one after having been rescued out of the wreck in the canal by the second.

De Telegraph: Twee doden bij ongeluk Hollandsche Rading

From Arie we hear: “Shanti and Jaap were friends for a long time. They lived together and died together. The relatives of both joined in their farewell. We had a combined ceremony for Shanti Gerard and Anand Jaap on 8th January in Amsterdam. It was a very good ceremony with a lot of family and friends. The four brothers of Shanti Gerard thanked all those who attended and who contributed with speeches and music.”

cremation Jaap and Shanti
Photo credit Madhu


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Beloved Jaap, Thanks for your easy friendship, your delightful chuckles, and of course your great cooking…. Fly high, you’re lucky to have Shanti by your side.

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