Wherever I is there is a barrier

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (48)


I have your letter and your question.
Wherever I is there is a barrier;
In fact, the I-attitude is the one and only barrier,
so sleeping, waking, sitting, walking –
always be aware of it;
see it,
recognize it
and remember it
wherever and whenever it comes,
for recognition spells its death.

Osho and Neelam

It is not the truth
but just a dream,
and as soon as one becomes aware of dreaming
the dream vanishes.
Dreams cannot be renounced –
how can you give up that which is not?
To be aware of it is enough.
Ego is man’s dream, his sleep,
so those who try to renounce it
fall into yet another illusion.
Their humility, their egolessness
are simply more dreams –
like dreaming you are waking whilst still dreaming.
Don’t fall into this trap.
Just keep in mind one thing:
Wake up and see!

Regards to everyone there.

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